A visual history of Twitter [Infographic]


Somedays back If you remember i.e. around last month I posted about the interesting facts about twitter.  You can help yourself read it over here “Interesting facts about Twitter“.

Now at that point I had a word infact facts regarding some mind-blowing statistics about this social giant named “Twitter”. At that point I gave a brief history about twitter. Now this infographic will talk about a detailed history in the form of infographic.

The idea of originating TWITTER came to the podcasting company ODEO while brainstorming session. Sitting in a children’s park, enjoying Mexican food Dorsey came up with an idea to start an SMS service for a communication purpose.

Now this was just the beginning, its actual boom happened in the year 2006 and emerged as a micro-blogging website. It would be great if I let you enjoy more this infographic. So, go on. Enjoy the read.

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  1. Addison Grey

    Hi Charmie,
    Its my first visit on your blog and got impressed 🙂
    What an awesome infographics.I liked your way to represent the visual history of twitter and i think you covered all the things about twitter.
    Thanks for sharing.
    keep posting.

  2. ajal

    A helpful infographic article that would every one like. I like it. You gave me a good idea about twitter. Thanks for sharing the informative article. I look forward to new post like this.

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