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$1 billion deal: Youtube will acquire the 45 million gaming giant “Twitch”.

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It feels as if these days the giants are busy making deals and acquiring small companies and other giants for some or the other motive (ofcourse). Its been a few days when AT&T officially announced their plan and interest to buy DirectTV, another major acquisition which has surface the technology world.

Well, as I begun jotting down that there is a series of acquisitions happening, there is one more on the go. The story is all about Google/Youtube wants to acquire Twitch.tv which is an increasingly popular service meant to let gamers watch others play games and that too LIVE. The bid is approximated to be around 1 billion.


Variety reports that the deal is done and they say that it’s just official announcement which is hanging and looming on around.

The WallStreetJournal, talks about this deal that “Still the talks are too early to be buzzed upon and too early to claim a price tag for the same.”

Well talking about the funky and little bit crazy concept of watching somebody play games through live streaming is not so entertaining because in a case I won’t prefer just watching it but instead beat a score by playing the game. I mean “Why would somebody love to just watch somebody play?”. But we can’t deny with the fact that it has gained a booming popularity since its launching back in 2011.

Well, that was all everyone thought during its launch but the tables turned dramatically when people were actually getting entertained by competitive games like League of Legends, Minecraft and so on. It can be a “Watch to learn” agenda to just watch a game through live-streaming, isn’t it?

Well, do you remember the launch of Justin.tv? Yeah, that same video live streaming service which is meant to stream video from your webcam. The founders noticed that the site’s gaming channels were the primary source of pulling great numbers out of it and that was the inspiration to start something called “Twitch.tv”. in 2011, they came with the same concept of Live streaming but with a different domain and i.e. of gaming. By 2014 this company has grown tremendously and its parent company is now rebranded with a name “Twitch Interactive”.

If you are still eyeing on and are eager to know the amount of money it raises than it earns for about an estimated $35M and is growing since then, hence becoming an independent and giant company.

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  1. Mahaveer Verma

    Since last year maybe there has been an increasing rush for expanding businesses everywhere. Tech giants buying companies all over. Thats what our newsfeed is full of.

    No wonder YouTube would have a great business plan buying Twitch. Lets see what comes out of it.

    • Charmie Prajapati

      Yeah indeed. Twitch was already creating wonders with its simple concept of gaining audience. I have observed that tech giants sometimes takeover such other tech startups when they find that they can be in trouble in future with the significant growth of other startups like Twitch…!!!

  2. emmanuel ekainu

    hi. this is the 4th visit at you blog after i saw your link on a comment box on other blog. i,d really love what you shared and how you write your contents. keep up the good work. have a nice day ahead.

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