4 Game Cheats Every Player Should Know


Gaming is an excellent way of spending your leisure time, besides it being commercialized in some instances. However, it sometimes gets frustrating when you keep failing your missions; games are always exciting when you win. Certain levels are often difficult to pass, and your gaming can be marred with resentment to the point that you give up. Game cheats have changed the situation, and these are available either from developer or third party bugs.  Game cheats typically make gameplay simple. Some of the game cheats every gamer should know include:.

  • The Konami code

The Japanese firm produces lots of entertaining games, however, sometimes the fun merely diminishes because you can’t just beat the game and progress to the next level.  This game cheat dates back to 1986 when it was used for NES since then; it has been used for both Konami and a myriad of non-Konami games. Its use is widespread in North America. The Contra series, Gradius series, Castlevania series among other games respond to this command. Atop gaming, this cheat code can be used to reset Netflix. It is important to note that variation exists depending on the version that you use.

  • Minecraft cheats and console commands

Minecraft is a thrilling game that requires a lot of creativity and thinking. If you enjoy the game but hard work is not your thing, then this is good news for you. Minecraft command gives you full control of the most popular game, and you can earn several dollars from your winnings. Shorthand codes, the clone commands, change of difficulty are some of the tricks that will see you become the best gamer. Besides, you can change game modes and alter the in-game time using game cheats for this game.

  • Grand theft superman

Like other GTA games, grand theft superman can get complicated at times and cheats come in handy to save you of boredom and ensure more fun. This cheat enables to get money, guns, and vehicles when used well. Skyfall will see you fly like Superman and smash your opponents ruthlessly. By entering a series of keystrokes, you empower your play to spawn in the air and move around without much effort. Unfortunately, you won’t stay in the space for eternity, and this makes the game even more interesting as it tends to imitate real-life situations. It is usable in PS4, PS3, and PS2.


Several cheat options are available for GoldenEye 007, and these will significantly impact gameplay. They can apply at both single player and multiplayer levels. You will toggle on and off the cheat option in the cheat menu before you start gaming. With many shooters in the game, the developer considered cheats to make the game even more enjoyable. In the DK cheat everyone’s head is made enormous, interesting? Thus it is pretty much more comfortable to target the head and clear all your opponents.

Whether cheats are bad or good? Every experienced decorated gamer will confess to having used them at one time.

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