5 perfect moments of time to write for your blog.


Are you a blogger? So it means that you write, right? Do you write on particular time or regardless of time you just keep on writing at any point of time?

Well you might be wandering about the fact that how is it important for a blogger when it comes to time then, I  want to correct you here. Its very important that you write something at perfect timings as that actually adds up in your writing. The efficiency is exponentially seen when you choose that perfect moment to write. Believe me I have experienced a different aura each time I have experimented with two main constraints “Perfect Time” and “Writing”.

So let me begin here.

1.) MORNING 4 a.m.: It is said that nothing works best than the mornings. This is the time when sun is about to wake up, birds are about to move somewhere for getting their food for their little ones, the moment when the mosque enchants the name of God, the moment when you hear the sound of a train approaching to a railway station. The time when newspaper boys deliver you the hot buzz happening around you, the milkman’s signature sound of his bicycle “tringg….trinngg..…”. This is the time when you actually are attracted by thrust of equilibrium of positive force of attraction. This is the time when peace, silence and your thoughts coincide at a single point to give the best of you and this is must when you want to write and deliver a concrete subjective idea to your people. Your mind is at origin of writing something, free from each and every other negative thought and this is what makes your flow of words more flawless.

2.) ON A RAINY DAY: Well this is my own experience and believe me, I can’t express the joy I felt on that very day. Actually that was a Sunday and beautiful rains outside and wanted to move out. So, I just simply moved out with my friend in a car and just zooooommmmed out….!! I took my laptop with me and started to write. It was a complete magnum and a perfect atmosphere, rain showers, lavish green atmosphere, horizons, empty roads, splashing sounds and of course blogging. This was actually my experimental move to do blogging in a different way. It was a musical move of nature which made me to write.

3.) AFTER RAIN-SHOWERS EFFECT: Have you tried sitting in your balcony after the atmosphere turns up into a beautiful aura of lavishness and greenery.  Yes, the sweet fragrance from the flowers, the fresh greenish smell from the grass, the smiling faces of each and every sprout coming out of the soil plus the dusky weather and the fragrant smell from the fresh earth is actually an amazing combo. One fact says that sometimes even some kind of fragrance help you to make better blood circulation in your body, ultimately making your neurons more active and fresh and all the way to awesome flow of words. Such atmosphere delivers an all new different horizon of thoughts. Your vocabulary starts working at a peak rate because that beauty smitten your persona  and you start talking with your conscience. And I guess nothing can work better than this.

4.) IN THE CHILLING WINTER NIGHTS: Well you might be little amazed that how come one blog during chilling winter nights when we die out with the chills passing into our body? You might be like when we are in the most comfortable place on the earth hugging our pillows and sliding into our warm blankets, how would one love to be out of it and write for blogs? Well let me explore my idea behind putting this time. Winters are very perfect timings when you are in need of silence. That killing silence will straight away penetrate your minds and believe me you’ll be up with a great output. That is the time when you can have your mug of HOT COFFEE and a mild music playing on your laptop are with you. When the world will be dead asleep around you in their cozy beds, probably you’ll have no disturbance or distraction and the focusing will be awesome. This will be a time when you’ll be even able to hear the sound of key-press events on your laptop’s keypad and also the mouse’s click events, you’ll feel as if a different kind of music is around you.

5.) SITTING AT 7 p.m. IN A CAFETERIA: Well well well….!!! Again one of my favorite times infact places I would like to say. I often move to cafeteria’s when the world is rushing back home with their office bags, whole day of perspiration, laptop bags, a mind full of frustration on boss, an anger against poor judicial systems and politicians, board students discussing their Maths, Physics and

Chemistry formulas and entrance examination questions and so on. Down the line, it is the time when the activities happening around you will help you write in a more concrete way.You’ll try to relate the things and scenes happening around you and while analyzing the same with your “Cappuccino” you’ll end up writing a real stuff.

So, these were all my favorite timings and my recommendations. But now I would like you to share your perfect moments of writing with all of us through comments.

So, I am waiting for the same…!!

Hope to see you all again very soon.

Charmie Prajapati

I am Charmie Prajapati, co-founder of Movzio. I am an android developer, Phonegap app builder and is currently polishing my skills for the same. I am an avid reader. An entrepreneur. A consistent thinker. An optimist. An introvert. I can help you run a better blog with each day. Add me on

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46 Responses

  1. hi charmie. i definitely agree with the cafeteria thing and the 4 am (although it is difficult for me to wake up at 4 am, not to mention that my two-year old sometimes wake up at the time)… i feel calmness at four in the morning because of the silence it offers.
    in cafeteria, i will choose coffee shop named Highlands since they offer red velvet cake and blueberry cheesecake. i also choose any restaurants that allows customers like me to stay for a long time. not all restaurants allow that especially fast food chains

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hy Marilyn,
      Well, thats a good idea with the restaurants too. I have once tried moving to a 3 star and found it as an amazing experience to work having a brownie and black filter coffee.
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience.


  2. Hi charmie.
    Writing in the morning is my favorite. There is high energy and the mind is fresh. From the five lists provided in this post, there is only one conclusion. The best time to write is when your body, soul and spirit is in a relaxed state.

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hey Abraham,
      Yes, as I have mentioned and personally I prefer morning time as the best one. Thanks a lot for dropping such a beautiful and concrete conclusion for my article. Thank you so much for adding this point to my post.
      It was a feeling of gladness to get such an acknowledgement from you.

  3. Hello Charmie,

    Nice write up. Timings for blogging. Aha, I never noticed about it, I just keep on writing. And, I guess this is the reason that sometimes, I feel very energetic while writing and sometimes I feel it boring. Actually, I like the weather after the rain-shower most. That is awesome, the fragrance coming from the earth is most pleasant time ever. And, blogging at that time will be very good. I would like to experience these points, you have mentioned in the article. Again, I would like to say keep up writing such nice articles and thanks for sharing with us 🙂

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hello Ganesh,
      I am glad to know that I brought something to you which you found worth noticing it. Timings are indeed one of the important factors for upbringing a fabulous article for your readers.
      Thank you so much for sharing your moment of writing with us.
      Stay updated, stay rocking.

  4. Morning time is best to write a post because at that time our mind is totally fresh and our thinking ability increases by some amount and i usually write a post in bus when i go to college early in the morning because at time i have 1.5 hours.
    Thanks for sharing this nice post.

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Well, thats pretty cool enough that you make the most and best use of your time while moving to your campus in a bus. Infact that rustle and active atmosphere in the morning will definately give a new momentum to write.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your moments with us.

  5. Hi Charmie,

    It’s a lovely poetic post, very beautifully written and a perfectly different kind than I was reading in technology niche.

    Well, in my case, it depends on the kind of post I’m about to write. For a longer and more serious posts, I prefer to write in late night, edit it and review during day time and again I add up more at night again. However sometimes, when something inspires me, I just jot down and push publish, it can be any time 😀

    • Charmie says:

      Hello Suresh Sir,
      Thank you so much for dropping your such a lovely complement for this article. Well, actually this time I thought to give something which can work both technically and non-technically so opted for this one.
      That’s really cool, that you follow a recursive pattern to write for your readers. Nights are again a splendid time t write.

      Thank you for sharing your moment with us.

  6. Hi Charmie,

    All work well. I like mid day and late night. Both are relaxing spots for me. Anytime you can be relaxed, you are good to go, writing wise.



    • Charmie says:

      Hy Ryan,
      Yes definately, thats so true that it actually depends upon your moody nature that when you are tempted the most to write wise. But usually I prefer to put myself into a particular time and then write.
      Thanks a lot for dropping your moment of writing in here.


  7. I always like writing in the midnight as i am more relaxed and articulated to dish out the best contents.

    • Charmie says:

      Hello Desmond,
      Midnights are the time I personally prefer to take a good nap of sleep. 😛
      Jokes apart I have never tried pouring something during midnight, but surely will give a try if that works out for me.

      Thanks a ton for being here.

  8. For me it’s usually morning from 5-10 is the best time to write…
    After that, I can write anytime depending upon the situation…

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hello Harsh,
      Well, when I saw your comment on my article I was seriously jumping on my seat approving the same. I was nearly unable to believe you sparing your such an important time reading my article and most importantly leaving your acknowledgements in the form of comments.
      Well, as you have specified that you do write from morning 5-10 and that is really reflected in your writing and presentation skills.
      Thank you so much for adding up yourself into our discussion board.
      I am really glad to find you here on TechnoTactics.

      Stay hungry, stay foolish.
      With best regards

  9. Nirmala says:

    Lovely post Charmie 🙂

    I got bored with the tech posts and your post relaxed me well, thanks!

    For me, writing during night time (After dinner) works the most and I love to write on rainy days with a hot mug of coffee.

    Essential post for the writers, keep writing 🙂

    • Charmie says:

      Hy Nirmala ma’am,
      A very good morning to you. Thanks a lot for giving such beautiful complements to this writing. I am highly satisfied to know that my writing made you feel relaxed.
      Thank you so much for sharing your moment with us 😀 🙂


  10. Charmie says:

    Hello Ambika ma’am,
    Good to see you here again. 😛
    Well, infact I do not prefer to write when my mind is wandering somewhere else into a different world.
    Personally I love to write in these all times. Thanks a lot for complementing my efforts.

    Regards 🙂

  11. Hi Charmie,

    Really your post had make my mind refresh and gave me good idea aswell. Thanks a perfect bloger must bring above timeline in effect.

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hy Nikhil,
      I am so glad to know that you found my article very refreshing and simultaneously it articulated you in a different way.
      Thank you so much for agreeing to all those mentioned above. 🙂


  12. Charmie.. don’t you think these all moments are not for writing. These moments are just for having fun & be Romantic… hmm well just kidding. Well in simply words nice article.

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hy Disha,
      Well, definately you are correct that its just for having fun and romance but…but…but….with your BLOG 😀 😀
      Thanks a lot for dropping such a different comment.
      Thanks for being here in the discussion.

  13. Sakib says:

    Charmie you told about some amazing time of blogging. I didn’t think of any these kind of better blogging time. You gave me a new vision of blogging. I will try to find out my fav times as well as try yours. Thanks….

    • Charmie Prajapati says:

      Hy Sakib,
      Well, I would like to appreciate your willingness to try with this new vision to blog your site.
      Thank you so much for being here and dropping your acknowledgements.
      Best luck for the new vision. 😛


  14. that is something new and awesome!

  15. Hi Charmie,
    You have given a great point of relevance that timing does matter a lot and it improves our performance exponentially. Just imagine a person writing a post in frustration can’t provide any positive vibe in his post for his reader.

  16. SIVA says:

    Great Information !!! Thank you for Sharing…

  17. Vijesh says:

    Hey Charmie,

    Just going through your article and was reading comments and found Harsh’s comment here. Congrats you really have that hunger in you to draw some good attention among bloggers. Coming to the article its true sometimes rainy days make us feel happy and many beautiful thoughts flow out which can be well expressed in the post we write. Apart from that I usually write in the mornings 7 to 10 and apart from that I write in other times too but if i want to do it without distractions it would be in the mornings.
    Any ways nice article…

    Stay hungry, Stay foolish expect Amit Agarwal also to comment and you will definitely find his comment.

    • Charmie says:

      Hy Vijesh,
      Well, firstly thanks a ton for putting up such a great acknowledgement. I was equally happy to find Harsh commenting on my article. 😛 It was like a huge complement to my writing.
      Well, preferring mornings can be the best choice as we usually are fresh with our thoughts.
      I am glad that you took part in this discussion board and found it worth sharing with all of us. 🙂
      I hope Amit sir also turns up one day here. 🙂

      Stay updated. Stay Rocking.

  18. Dharita Chokshi says:

    Hey Charmie,
    Great write-up. I never gave a thought on “what can be the perfect time for blogging”. Reading your article made me realize that writing at perfect time can help me better in making my material more robust and effective. Thanks for sharing this. It is a great help for imminent bloggers like me.


  19. Srikanth says:

    Hii Charmie,

    Great choices i would say, mine would be around 4 am with hot cup of coffee on the terrace.

    • Hy srikanth,
      Well, 4 am. was digestable but on the terrace was something really different you kept. 😛
      Thanks for letting me know one more great place to write.
      Stay updated like this.
      Thanks and regards.

  20. Raaja Anandhan says:

    Hi Charmie,
    Interesting Write Up. I don’t prefer Morning or Evening or Night or Rainy Day are the best timing and best situation to made a good write up. It depends on our mind. But i am having a habit of hearing songs while posting the article for my blog. For somebody, it will be distracting, but i am always used to do this. Anytime is best and better to post the article.

    All are feels that, being calm in outside will get calm inside. Do you agree with this Charmie. This is not fact. Anyway very very interesting post. Thanks for your experience.

    Keep on coming with this interesting post….

  21. Hello Charmie,
    Without having peace of mind and a good mood one cannot write a good post, you also need to do some homework before writing an article. I agree with the cafeteria and after rain shower points. A cup of nice coffee makes me feel refreshed and helps me to think creative. 🙂
    thanks for sharing such a nice article.

  22. Hey Charmie,

    Really nice article. 🙂
    Waking up at 4:00am to write.. Really not possible for me. Thumbs up for you!
    For me after dinner to morning 4:00am is perfect time. During this period I can stay in front of PC and think process is high. 😉

  23. Sohail says:


    Whenever i’m free it’s perfect for me to write for my blog. But writing the post without distractions is really important which could be at night night or morning time.


  24. Pakhi says:

    Thank you Charmie,
    That was mighty kind of you and I’m sure it’s going to be very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing

  25. BhavukKhan says:

    Hey Charmie, Nice article, writing in Cafeteria is really cool and gives you feel like a professional blogger :), One thing i want to know, the writing time you’ve mentioned in this post is based on any data research for any niche or this is your opinion. if there is any data behind this conclusion than please share it 🙂

    Thanks for this useful article

  26. vicky says:

    Just one word awesome Post Buddy Keep writing

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