5 Ways to Promote Your New App Online


As the developer of a new app, your next step would be to engage in numerous marketing activities. Before you do so, it is important that you define your target market and that you know the value that your app is providing to the end user. This ensures that all your marketing activities are pulled together and directed towards maximum market engagement and downloads. Marketing is incredibly important, especially since you may find yourself in a market that is saturated with competition. Let’s take a look at 5 ways for you to promote your new app online.

Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an authority on a specific topic. A blog that contains engaging and high-quality content will help you take a step away from the noise in the market and make you more noticeable. Blogging is a valuable SEO tool, which means that you utilize search engines as the biggest source of traffic.

It is important not to view a blog post as a place for keywords stuffing as this can have a negative influence on the readability and quality of your content. Valuable and informative articles are more valuable for your site’s search engine optimization than a series of keywords.

Use Social Media

Create multiple social media accounts under the same username. Post all your blog content on these platforms and incentivize comments and replies. This will give you a finger on the pulse of the way your audience perceives that value that your app adds to their lives. Social media platforms are valuable tools for customer engagement and interactions, which should be a key part of your marketing efforts.

Although you can schedule content to be posted regularly, you should also make sure that you are personally involved in your social media content. This adds a personal touch to your brand and provides a much-needed human element.

Paid Advertising

Once you’ve established that your app has a reasonable chance of being successful, you can switch gears by running paid advertising campaigns. Pay-per-click ads that send people to your download page should be high-converting and compelling. To get the best results, consider creating an intro video. A video is one of the best mediums for advertising, and it will boost your conversion rates and ROI.

If you can, get some professional help on board with the creation of these ads. This may be a costly endeavor, so make sure that there is a demand for your app and that you have advertising goals that you want to reach.

Professional Reviews

One of the most effective ways to promote your app and build quality links is to ask professional reviewers to use and review your app on their platform. A reviewer with a high PageRank and a large following that links to your site on their platform can boost your own site’s search ranking. The more obvious benefit is that the reviewer’s followers will download and use your app if it is a favorable review.

You can make use of multiple review sites and tech blogs that you can use for reviews. It is important, however, that your app is reviewed on platforms that are relevant to the value your app provides.

Talk to Individual Users

If your app is still new, you shouldn’t shy away from individual interactions with users. This is because new customer acquisition is more expensive than customer retention. A loyal customer would be more willing to pay for added value. The other benefit of this is the fact that a single user is an excellent source of feedback.

Ask the user questions about how his experience with the interface, integration with other systems and apps, and general ease of use. If you can, provide them with free value or assistance. Listen to them and take their feedback seriously. This will help you improve your app and gain more downloads.

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