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  1. We believe in giving optimal acknowledgment to our most valuable asset and that is “YOU- Our Users” through web in the form of our thoughts.
  2. A journey which we will always chase to uphold “Good – Better – Best” to make reach your thing to you.
  3. We believe in the universal verse of  “Sharing is Caring”.

Techno-Tactics says:

Hey everyone, glad to find you all reading my Bio-Data first instead of the other two people down there. I will introduce you all to them later on. Well, as you know I am Mosam’s and Charmie’s creation named as “TECHNO-TACTICS”, but you can call me “TT” (its kinda cool naa thats why..!! . So actually I am the “TT-Waiter” for this moment and hopefully for the coming moments. The basic stratagem on which I work is to serve you hot and fresh buzz happening around you in the world of Information Technology through my  best friends famously known as  “http protocol” and  “I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T”. I can only work when they are right beside me synchronizing with me. We three are like friends forever I tell you guys. With me you will stay updated with Latest Tech News, Learn Computer/Web related Tactics Gadget Reviews, Blogging tactics, Latest Software Reviews, Gaming Reviews, movie reviews & many more. So “What would you like to have for now Sir/Ma’am on www.technotactics.in ?”

Mosam (The WordPress Freak): CEO, Founder 


Mosam Gor

Hey sorry guys, this TT gets emotional at times and start speaking non-sense. So first of all hey there, I am a Geek and Tech Blogger, a 16 year old guy who is currently pursuing Diploma Study from R.C Technical Ahmadabad Gujarat. Welcome you to our website. I am Crazy about Technology & Gadgets.  I hold strong experience in web designing through HTML5 and CSS3. It will be my pleasure to help you. So please feel free and ask me for anything you want. I will put my best efforts to find an answer for your query. I am interested in playing “tabla, djembe & electric- piano”. I Like Hacking.

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Charmie (The Edge-y writer): Co-Founder



Since long I was waiting for both of these idiots to finish their Bio-data cum essay more. A 21 years “young” (I am not old ) girl who is a strong believer of “If anything can happen, it will”. A Technology admirer. Especially the one which deals with “Zeros & Ones”. Tech-blogger. Novel lover. Philosophical. Fashionable. Upholder of a dream to create a better human society to render a better and strong future. I want to revolutionize the process of development in my country INDIA through the power of IT. Always keep smiling, its T-A-X free.

-With the hope to have a better human fraternity, for a better tomorrow. 🙂

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