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[How To] Add Slow Motion Effects in Windows 8 Using Shift Key

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Here is the First Tactics for Windows 8 ! 😀
Windows 8 already full of great 3D effects , Now give them slow motion effects & enjoy !
Earlier, I had Posted Windows 7 Slow Motion Effect.

Check this —> Wondershare Video Editor

 Step 1: Open Registry Editor (Open Win+R and type “Regedit”)  

Step 2: Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsDWM

Step 3:  Right click on DWM Folder and Select New DWORD (32-bit) value.

Step 4: Rename the New Value #1 to “AnimationsShiftKey”

Step 5: Right Click on AnimationsShiftKey and Select Modify and Chang the Value 0 to 1

Step 6: Close the Registry windows and open Run and Type “net stop uxsms” and press Enter Key (A Command Prompt Windows will appear and disappear)

Step 7: open Run Again and Type “net start uxsms” and press Enter  (A Command Prompt Windows will appear and disappear)

Step 8: It is done, the Shift key Animations has been enabled. Now while minimizing / maximizing any window or Screen, Simply Press and Hold Shift key to see the window getting minimized/maximized in slow motion.

~~~~~~Hear Some Snapshot of Slow Motion Effect~~~~~~

Start Key Animation:

Minimize/Maximize Animation:

Windows Explorer Animation:

How to Disable Slow Motion  Effects ?

To Disable Slow Motion completely, simply right click on it and select delete. It will show a system warning  don’t worry about it. Just Delete it 😛  and second way open run and type “net stop uxsms”and press enter it is done Enjoy!!!!

So, If you are having any problems regarding to this tactic please comment below in “Leave Your Comment” Section !

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