Amazing facts and figures about “140-bounded” giant TWITTER.


Well, it’s the Christmas time and everywhere the jingling is going on, the hush to welcome the new year, the excitements, the expectations for the coming year, the resentments, regrets everything is going to bounce. Everyone is going crazy watching the “CALENDER of 365 days” on the verge of reaching the figure 365.

So, while the clocks are ticking and dates scrolling up, why not I tell you some cool statistics of what actually happened in the yar 2013 with some massive social environments. So today I am discussing on #TWITTER. Oh did I use that hash tag? 😀 Oh yeah, I did…!!!

Right from a simple and regular begun of this giant in early 2006, the growth of this media has gained a massive and integrating popularity worldwide. The provision of 140 character-ed message with an intention to share “Short and Sweet” has served its purpose very well.

So, twitter as described is considered to be the “SMS of Internet” reaching within the limits bound by Internet and 140 characters.


Well, firstly I would like to see your big big eyes rolling over this fantastic statistics from the beginning…….. So. once upon a time….. 😀 Oops sorry sorry…. Here I go :



The idea of originating TWITTER came to the podcasting company ODEO while brainstorming session. Sitting in a children’s park, enjoying Mexican food Dorsey came up with an idea to start an SMS service for a communication purpose.



I have observed that Multinationals like Google, Facebook, Twitter all have got one thing in common and that is everyone previously had made some wierd approach while naming their work. 😛 Talking about Twitter, originally the name of twitter was spelled as “TWTTR” inspired by image website “Flicker”.


In 2006 though the concept was unique twitter couldn’t gain the expected attention of “micro-blogging” thing until when the waves of popularity reached till Twitter in 2007 in a SouthWest festival where its usage hiked from 20000 tweets to 60000 tweets/day.


Twitter is not only famous on earth but also outside it. The first off-the-earth message was posted from International Space Station by NASA’s astraunaut T.J. Creamer on Jan 22, 2010.

Maybe one day some aliens might tweet that “Woweeee… Enjoying the new feel of Gravitational force #Earth #Humans 😀 “.


This is considered to be one of the most significant and trending moment on this platform regarding the sustainability of tweet. It is a fact that during Obama’s speech on Osama Bin Laden 12.4 million tweets were posted in just one hour and 27.9 million tweets in just 2 hours, 35 minutes. When the speech began 4000 tweets/second were posted.



#MONEY – SPEAKS: Have you tried figuring out the revenues it gains?



In 2010 this giant gained revenue of about $28 million. In 2012 the sales exceeded $317 million whose first half itself covered $254 million.


The biggest source of revenue for twitter is through advertising.


Twitter has got around 218 million active users from which 169 million are from outside USA.


Twitter has never made a profit, infact it has lost $419 million since launch.


Twitter is a mobile centralized and 65% of its ads earnings are from ads on tabs and smartphones.


2000 employees working on a grand scale, market value is predicted for such an empire to be as high as $20 billion.


#TWEET-TWEET: Well do you love mathematics? No? Hate numbers? Yes?? But I guess after reading the below numbers you’ll fall in love with mathematics.



When did you register your account? Remember that time? No?? Yes?? You’ll be amazed to know that around 135,000 accounts are getting registered on Twitter per day.


You love tweeting? Oh then what is the number that can strike you instantly on the number of tweets done by people like us only around the globe? Hundreds? Thousands? Lakhs? Crores? Nay….. its 58 million tweets a day.


Twitter is something where you make the most efficient use of something called HASH-TAGS for searching purpose. About 2.1 million searches are made 24X7 on Twitter.


The potential reach or can say the organic reach of some most trending hash-tags includes :

#mancrushmonday (5.5 million)

#TransformationTuesday (10.17 million)

#ThrowBackThursday (31.4 million).

No doubt there are many more like such but these three tops the chart.


Normal people makes out the most of TWITTER by searching the latest moves made by their favourite actors and actresses. Among these BEIBER tops the chart in the amount of its followers.

Ohhh yes, Justin Beiber is trending by 44 million , then comes kate perry more than 42 million and Lady Gaga more than 40 million followers.

Charmie Prajapati

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17 Responses

  1. hi charmie. thanks for sharing this info. but i have a question. what’s with thursday and why throwbackthursday became popular phrase in terms of reminiscing old memories through posting old pic and past experiences via twitter

    • Hey Marilyn,
      Well, not only thursdays but each and every day of weekend is celebrated and works for a specific trend. There are so many other hash tags say for example : For mondays which are usually boring and first day at work after the weekend #MondayBlues, if mondays are very busy you may use #ManicMonday, for tuesdays it is #TuesdayBoozeday and many more like this.It’s just a trend made by people and enjoyed by people. 🙂
      Thanks a lot for asking out this question. 🙂

  2. Isaiah Joe says:

    Wait a seconds! you actually mean that twitter have not yet made any profit? then what are they using to keep the company running?

    Don’t they ever sell stocks? i am really surprised about this, i thought they’re banking. However, i also heard that they have start advertising some few months ago.

    • Hy Buddy,
      Yeah…the statistics speaks this about the twitter’s profit profile. Yeah you are correct, hey have started advertising and are booming with the same.
      Thanks for being here. 🙂
      Have a great weekend. 🙂

  3. Twitter has really grown over the years and i must say this article has highlighted most of the best times of Twitter. Thanks for sharing such an amazing information, i hope Twitter starts to make some profit from the sale of their shares.

  4. Mosam says:

    Hey Charmie,
    Thanks for sharing such cool fact files. I am still not able to grasp those figures. 😀 LOL


  5. Ashish says:

    Wow yeah these are really wonderful facts about twitter. Twitter is indeed a wonderful place which is very useful for all people in the work. Specially bloggers can take lot of advantage out of it.


  6. Nate Leung says:

    Hi Mosam,

    What a great post! Twitter is one social media tool that I have not been using until this year. Every day, I’m learning how powerful it is and in this post it shows exactly that! Thanks for sharing!

    • Charmie says:

      Hy Nate,
      Well, a little change in your comment is that I have written this article and not mosam. 😀
      But never mind the purpose was to share these things with my readers and it is served.

      Thanks and regards

  7. Hiten says:

    Hi Charmie,

    This was a wonderful post about Twitter, my friend!

    Twitter certainly is a powerful force in the world of social media. Even in terms of driving traffic to our blogs, it can be so useful.

    I never knew Twitter had so many users outside of the States. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hey Charmie,

    These amazing facts are really amazing and great features for twitter. With a limited characters to share twitter is growing really big and almost all the people around the world are using it.

    Have a great day!

  9. Samir says:

    Twitter is my favorite social platform as it has great features. The best thing is it doesn’t have any ads I mean it is not earning any from it’s users. Almost all the people from world are using it.

    It has Only 140 characters to post it is enough for tweeting. twitter is very useful to generate leads,

  10. Hey Charmie,

    These amazing facts are really amazing and great features for Twitter. Thanks for updating all of us regarding this.

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