An exclusive Interview with Rahul Kuntala of LearnBlogTips


Well, its the interview time on TechnoTactics with none other than one of the most efficient and magnificent blogger Rahul Kuntala who blogs at “Learn Blog Tips”, who is both a straight-forward as well as a genuine person you’ll enjoy to talk with. He is an emerging persona and a significant face in the world of blogging especially in India.

So firstly I would like to welcome you Rahul on our blog. I hope we are going to have a great time listening you share your little secrets having big values.

So let us begin this awesome interview not wasting a single more minute..!!! 🙂

Charmie: My very first question, actually a request to introduce yourself in your own “Rahul Kuntala Style” to our readers.

Rahul Kuntala: Hey, my name is Rahul, your new friend! I’m a computer science graduate turned full-time blogger.

Charmie:  As your introduction on your blog reads “In 2012, I quit my job and started making a living from my couch.” Please share the story behind this catchy phrase.

Rahul Kuntala: You’re a keen reader of LBT! Okay here’s the long story short. I was recruited as a software trainee in an MNC (Hyderabad). I worked around 5 months, it was a cool job, good pay but I was somehow unhappy with my 9-5 job. It was my gut feeling that I can do anything I want in my life. So I left it – I should give credit to my parents (specially my dad) for understanding and believing me. By the time I left it, I was already making a decent income from online. And I’m really happy that I’m not in the “rat race” now.
I do what I like, I go wherever I want. Work is a play for me now. Jealous? Don’t be, be my friend and I’ll help you do the same!

Charmie: Recently you turned 23, share that feeling of growing-up.

Rahul Kuntala: One thing – help as many people as possible, be genuine and lead by example.

Charmie: Was blogging a pre-planned idea or was just an incidental impulse?

Rahul Kuntala: Yes, before even entering into engineering, I was making some money online (may be around 2007). I used forums to earn money when I was a noob, I also created few websites related to various niches. At that time, my only goal was to create websites, drive traffic and flip.
Once I realized the power of “branding”, I focused more on reader interaction instead of page views.

Charmie: According to Rahul Kuntala what is blogging? Where the true essence lies?

Rahul Kuntala: Blogging is branding. Consider it as a real business, not fun.
The money you make online is directly proportional to the people you help.

Charmie: What are the 5 main SEO practices you follow to give a healthy and cheerful life to “LearnBlogTips”?

Rahul Kuntala: I’m not an SEO expert, I am afraid I can’t share 5. Here’s what working for me in terms of traffic.
• Write “blog” posts not “brag” posts
• Promote others content not yours
• Focus on user interaction instead of visits

Charmie: According to the current statistics of the blogging ground becoming more competitive, what do suggest all the bloggers to do?

Rahul Kuntala:

  1. Build a responsive email list.
  2. Don’t waste your time on writing posts day-in and day-out. There are already a gazillion of blogs out there.
  3. Ask yourself this question – why should someone read my blog? If you’ve the answer, you’re on your way to success. If not, figure out.

Charmie: If Rahul Kuntala will be given one wish from God, what he will ask for?

Rahul Kuntala: Interesting question. (Un)fortunately I’m an atheist. But I do believe in “karma” – so if I’ve a chance, I’d ask                                                          “encourage the person reading this interview to take action after reading”.

Charmie: What is the basic routine of your life? Any particular disciplines you follow?

Rahul Kuntala: I used to have a routine, but now I don’t. If I’ve to work on something, I’d be glad to get up even at 3 am and work                                              throughout the day without taking any break. I’m that committed. Sorry for bragging, but truth is truth 😉

Charmie: How do you scale the importance of Social media sites like twitter, facebook, linkedIn and many more in the blogging                                     world?

Rahul Kuntala: “If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.” – Chinese Proverb
It applies to your question.
Don’t give priority to all social media sites at once. You’ll fail.
Focus on one traffic source at a time. You’ll notice the results. I guarantee. I never focused on twitter while creating a name for myself on Facebook… Once you’ve a good rep, you can then reach out to other networks.

Charmie: What advice you would like to give to newbies and for those who are currently struggling to have a successful blog?

Rahul Kuntala: Pay attention to your KEY reader.
• Who’s your target audience – male or female?
• What’s the average age of your key reader?
• What’s your business plan? How do you want to convince your readers to buy your stuff?
Unfortunately most people are focusing on
• What’s my Alexa rank?
• What’s my page rank?
• How many page views I got today?
That’s why people fail.

Charmie: How do you manage your time distribution?

Rahul Kuntala: Studies say that, working in 90 minute cycles can triple your productivity. I figured out, 25 minute cycles are by far the most effective way to getting things done. I use a tool called focus booster, it rings after every 25 minutes, after that I take a 5 minute break. I repeat the 25 minute cycles until I get something done.

Charmie: Who/what inspires you?

Rahul Kuntala: “Results” inspire me.. (or read that word “success”).

Charmie: Your final conclusive words for our readers.

Rahul Kuntala: If you want to succeed online, do two things: work really hard, build a list.

So, I guess now I have nothing to say because the transparency with which Rahul Kuntala has given the answers have left me with just this statement “Up-to you my readers.”

I hope that I have tried to cover maximum of “Rahul Kuntala” and tried to represent the same thing to inspire you in any best possible form.

I would like to thank Rahul Kuntala on the behalf of  TechnoTactics, for spending his precious time sharing his small yet highly valued visions and secrets with all of TechnoTactics readers. We will, we always had and is now following your experiences.

Hoping to get your acknowledgements…!! 🙂

Charmie Prajapati

I am Charmie Prajapati, co-founder of Movzio. I am an android developer, Phonegap app builder and is currently polishing my skills for the same. I am an avid reader. An entrepreneur. A consistent thinker. An optimist. An introvert. I can help you run a better blog with each day. Add me on

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33 Responses

  1. Hii Rahul,
    Good to see you here. It is always a pleasure to Know more and more about you. I always like your thoughts whatever you do in terms of Blogging and your personal life.
    Live the life in your own Rules.
    I like that 25 Minutes rule and I’m using it!
    Thanks for the awesome Interview Rahul and Charmie Good Job Done.
    All the best both!

    • Charmie says:

      Hy Sugandha,
      Its a pleasure to find you here. Yes, your words are cent percent true about Rahul. Giving only the BEST to his readers is his motive. 🙂
      Thanks for being here. 🙂

      • Hi Suggu,

        You definitely deserve a coffee with me 😉 Thanks for the kind words!

        Charmie, thanks for having me here, you’re going good! I wish you and Mosam have all the very best success in future 🙂

  2. Nice interview with rahul kuntala. No doubt he is a successful blogger. He is hard working. Thats nice to see latest interview, i feel good after reading complete interview. Keep it up.

  3. Mohit says:

    Amazing Interview..Rahul is my friend and I know how much hard work he does..Lot to learn from him….Hoping to see interview of some more great bloggers from India on your blog Charmie…

    • Charmie says:

      Well, friends are an important part of anyone’s life indeed. And finding out your and Rahul’s friendship in here is really cool enough. 🙂
      Yes, I’ll try to confined each inspiring persona in blogging world and share them with my readers.

  4. Kulwant says:

    Happy to see my friend Rahul listed on your blog.

    No doubt he is one of the top bloggers from India and his writing style is awesome. I enjoyed each answer given by Rahul and the way he proceeded in his blogging journey.

  5. Interesting ! Such a long interview 😀

  6. Thanks Rahul Kuntala for giving me such value, but its true that you are doing great then me. I always with you and also pray for your success always, keep it up 🙂

  7. Hello Rahul and Charmie,

    I would like to thank you Charmie first, for bringing this interview in front of TechnoTactis readers.

    I would also thank you Rahul for this awesome and helpful interview. I love to read your blog buddy. You have pointed out very common but hidden mistakes, most of the bloggers commit while blogging like looking visitors stats’, alexa and page ranks etc. instead of caring about their visitors and content.

    I liked your statement, where you mentioned that “The money you make online is directly proportional to the people you help.”

    I would like to concentrate more on your advice. Thank you again. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  8. Hi Rahul and Charmie,

    Great to feature Rahul here and the good talks. I agree and like you to say “help as many people as possible, be genuine and lead by example”. We have now very well realized that giving away freely is the way to get more from this world. Being genuine and helping others will definitely build up yourself as an authority in your field.

    Good luck, both of you.

    • Charmie says:

      Hello Suresh sir,
      I am so glad to find you here sharing your experience of reading this post.
      Thank you so much for sharing your valuable time with us.


  9. thanks for publish this interview. long and interesting 🙂

  10. Hi Charmie and Rahul,

    Winning interview! I dig the focus on helping others. Create, meet, help, persist. Oh yeah promote the heck out of people too 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


  11. Its always great to read and learn from the interview of other bloggers. Promoting just your own content alone may not be able to take you there…but persistence and hard work with originality always works.

    • Charmie says:

      Hey Desmond,
      Well, the thing which made me admire Rahul’s blogging is that he is always ready to help others, especially the newbies. The other thing is that promoting good ideas is the only best way to help newbies because that’s what readers are in search of. 🙂

  12. Woah! Great one, Indeed Charmie, congratulations; both for a nice write up and an awesome interview!

  13. Himanshu says:

    I heard a lot of things about you Rahul, but not yet know about you in-depth… Frankly speaking, I am not fan of interviews.. But as a reader of blog.. I want to know more about you… I also don’t know that you are a full-time blogger…. That’s great buddy..

    Keep doing blogging and also inspiring us…

  14. Good to see Rahul here. Pleasure to get some great blogging tips from him. Thank You Charmie.

  15. Arbaz says:

    Another great interview of a great blogger.
    I have always liked reading articles written by Rahul, on his blog or as a guest post, because the articles he write are always unique and superb.
    It’s really good to see him here 🙂

  16. Awesome great inspiration! Thanks for sharing with all of us beginners.

  17. Tushar says:

    Hello Charmie,

    That was really a motivational interview, i enjoyed reading it. To be honest i have habit of reading interviews of bloggers or successful people as it feels great.

    The interview was long and informative..


  18. Hi Charmie
    This Interview is worth reading as it tells us how to proceed in correct direction in blogging world.Few points that are shared by Rahul is really interesting like “Promote others content not yours” and many others as well.
    Thanks for sharing this Conversation with your readers.
    Good Job..

  19. Ayash says:

    Great Interview, Charmie, I must say! Answers by Rahul was really inspiring. Thank you(and I really really mean it) for this interview

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