AskMe Android App: Better than Olx or quikr app.


Technology advancements and coming up of new smartphones in the marketplace had made it possible for the apps to become popular among the smartphone users. A lot of applications relating to instruction, shopping, business, finance etc. which are currently making their own way to the application world day by day. Simply imagine an application that can make toggling between distinct programs simple and easy. When you can envision about this program then yes there’s such application that really exist in the App marketplace. The smart application which we are talking about is ‘AskMe’.
AskMe is an elegant application that will be able to help you out in easy toggle of programs on your smartphone. This program offers you the information related to millions of companies that are running in the city and your neighborhood localities. It is amongst the finest applications that help you buy them forthwith, and to locate merchants, classified ads, best deals and listings. This is the application made for android smartphones and it may be used to get the information relating to your city.

This App has been developed by Getit Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. Its truly the third appliation that this organization had established to the app world. It is accessible for android users at no cost on Google Play. Using this application you can look for various areas to relax, shop, drink, eat, and even read the reviews from the local community near your locality.

Usefulness of AskMe Application:

This application is very useful because:

  1. You seek distinct businesses near your neighborhood
  2. You can get the best deals offered to you by your desired business
  3. You may also search for the classified relating to property, occupations, cars and more
  4. You can add hints, pictures, reviews of desired company on AskMe program
  5. You may also share desired business among your friends over email, and Facebook, Twitter
  6. You can read reviews of assortment of businesses
  7. You can look through addresses and contact numbers of companies

Great Interface

AskMe program has got a user-friendly interface which is quite easy and is designed especially for pleasing the users. This program has an ease and is elegant. The users impress as you can input the data easily. The app is very great that you simply get a precise result for your search query.

Pros of AskMe

A few of the experts of using this program are:

  • This program acts like a search engine. It can look for deals or the free advertisements near your locality and you can search for many more without reaching for the homepage again.
  • The design of this application is merely perfect
  • This program uses just a little data from your data pack
  • This application’s user interface is very straightforward

AskMe helps you search around you for finest businesses and browse through the greatest deals in town. Its a must have android app for your android and iOS Smartphones.

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