Battle of the Browsers – [Infographic]


Well, which browser are you logged into right now reading this infographic? Mozilla? Internet-Explorer? Chrome? Safari? Please stop laughing, I know reading that name “Internet-Explorer” is like a troll to you (Laughing Out Loud) :D. But this is something really very serious. 2013 as far as we all have seen have been significant enough in each and every field, in each dimension of technicality.

Browsers are something which is a doorway to an all new on-hand accessible world, a world which executes on the commands of your fingers. It is very important for any web-browser to serve the “user-friendliness” to its clients.

So, welcoming you again to the 3rd infographic on TechnoTactics sharing the statistics of the “Battle of the browsers”.

Find more great infographics on NerdGraph Infographics.

So, now after you. What do you think about the statistics and what are your views about your favourite browsers. Kindly share your thoughts and experience for the same.

Mosam Gor

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5 Responses

  1. Samir says:

    Hello Mosam,

    Wonderful infographics, I think mozilla and chrome would be top browsers out there. I’m really amazed to check this stats.


  2. Nate says:

    Hi Mosam!

    What a beautiful infographic. It’s refreshing to see that Chrome takes #1. For a long time, I used Firefox and IE. I don’t use them anymore. I am a huge fan of Chrome!

  3. Vicky says:

    Well I’m also also chrome browser and my vote goes to it. The infographics you’ve share is really unique and awesome

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