Bill Gates? Nay, this time its his house which is in itself an amazing fact.


So, what do you know about Bill Gates, apart from he is one of the richest and worthiest man born on this earth, a tech-geek and an iconic persona? Well, hardly any of us are aware about some less known facts about Bill Gates or I can say about his home. Isn’t it? While I was surfing some usual things over the web, I plunged into some un-usual facts about Bill Gates’s home cum palace.

So, get ready to feel the royal-tinge residing in this article about Bill-Gates’s mansion.

This mansion which is spreaded over an area of about 66,000 square feet residing along side of a hill in Washington, USA is proved to be one of the most significant and admired infrastructures till date.

This mansion is designed by James Cutler, the best known architect till date. The style of this house is known as “Pacific Lodge” which interprets a house made up of just huge wooden panels.

So, I am here presenting Bill gates’s House facts exclusively:

1.)    This mansion is running through a system, a server system which runs windows and a heated driveway which helps to adjust the preferences for the guests.

2.)    Well, we take shower in our bathrooms while Bill Gates’s home swimming pool is packed with an underwater music system with a floor painted with a fossil motif. There is a separating wall made up of glass allowing the swimmers to move from one pool to the outdoor pool.

3.)    You’ll get crazy to know, especially if you are a gym-freak that Bill’s home has got a gym of around 2500 square foot. You can have your dinner praising the magnificent view from the fireplace from the home’s 3rd level.

4.)    The place to eat, the dining hall is explored in a space of about 1000 square feet. Well, our whole house also wouldn’t be that much spacious which this gym covers as a part of a home.

5.)    As I mentioned above regarding the server system for guest preferences, each guest is given a pin which interacts with those sensors and depending upon the settings made the house’s environment right from the music to light to room temperature will mould itself to the guests. So, when are you planning to be a guest in the Gates’s palace. 😛

6.)    Well, I do not know that how many of you are the hard-core fans of “Leonardo Da Vinci” but Bill Gates is indeed one. His personal library with a dome shaped reading-room above it have got a  collection which contains a book which is Leonardo’s 16th century notebook “The Codex Leicester” which he purchased for a handsome amount of $30.8 million. His library’s ceiling in engraved with THE GREAT GATSBY’s quote ““He had come a long way to this blue lawn, and his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it.””

7.)    What if I tell you to climb down 84 stairs to just move to the ground floor? Ahh that lazy worm residing inside you won’t let you walk right? Ofcourse yes. Gates’s  have this facility called “elevators” in his mansion itself to move down to a leap of 84 stairs or a single grand staircase (to be precise) through just a single button.

8.)    You might be wandering that what about the entertainment? Well, its as huge as above mentioned facts. He has got to watch his favourite shows on a 24 rear projection television monitors, each of about 40 inches. We rarely have one with 40 inches (lol). 😀 When he wants to enjoy a movie time with his family he just needs to switch over his another room cum theater more, an HDTV art deco theater, the one where the chairs are made  up of plush chairs, couches and a popcorn machine for a perfect environment to enjoy a movie.

9.)    Bill Gates is joined with a very unusual fact about saving a tree. Actually Gates insisted on saving a 40 year old maple tree neighboring the drive away. That tree was been monitored by a system constantly 24×7 and the system was programmed that way that if the tree gets dried up, automatically correct amount of water will be given to that tree.

10.)  Are you planning to rob Gates’s house? Hehe (lol of-course not), isn’t it? The house is entangled in between hidden cameras at each and every possible points in his house through which each and every thing is monitored constantly. So beware if someday you drop down in his home, the camera’s will spy you.

Bill gates’s House:


So, this is all about his home and some of the less known facts which I loved writing and exploring and indeed sharing with you people. Do you have any of them? Then why not share it with our readers in the below comments.

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  1. ketan says:

    just wow ! indeed i would definitely love to be guest of bill gates now.

  2. I did not know this about Bill Gates! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh great!

    I didn’t know that Bill Gates lives such a luxurious life! I had seen some pictures of his house, but I think they were all fake! Really, what a life for Bill Gates. No work, only entertainment!!!!!

    You have clearly discussed all the points, and I think you have a good control over your writing skills. I would surely love to see more of your content!

    Keep the posts coming!!!

  4. WoW! I really wanna visit his home. He is cool and the house is just awesome. I would love to visit him someday.


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