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One of the most advanced and profitable ways of getting a stable income online is through financial trading. But, a lot of investors who have high potential to become professionals in the industry do not try to make this a career for themselves because of a lack of knowledge and experience with trading on the market. One of the most efficient and professional operators in the industry is the Binomo trading platform. Whether you are already a pro or a newbie in the field, let’s try to get to know more about this popular trading platform.

What is Binomo Trading?

Binomo is a popular trading platform that creates new possibilities in the market to make profits in a profitable and pleasant experience, regardless if you have just started or already a pro in the field. Binomo offers low-cost entry requirements perfect for managing risks and VIP tiers for the expert traders who are already used to exotic financial trading.

Also, the company not only focuses on high-level service of most sophisticated traders in the field, but it also dedicates most of its attention on the preparation of novice traders through Binomo education and Binomo tutorial.

Furthermore, the company collaborates with clients across the globe, assuring high-quality access, and the most advantageous terms to the worldwide financial markets. The collaboration is totally transparent to allow the highest level of mutual trust in both parties. The transparency allows traders to see how the worldwide financial market is doing to evaluate accordingly.

Registration and Binomo Sign In

Before starting with the Binomo trade, one has to register an account first. To register to Binomo website, the client must do the following actions:

  • Submit a valid email address and create a password
  • Choose the currency of the account
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement.


By accepting the agreement, the user certifies that he is of legal age and capable and has understood the terms of the agreement and accepted them.

After registration, you will be required to confirm your email so you can start trading. From there, you will then be able to start trading. After some time, the company will then conduct a verification procedure to ensure the identity and information you’ve given.

Also, they company may request a passport or other supporting documents to prove your identity. They may even request bank statements, utility bills, scanned copies of bank cards, etc. to confirm the information given to them.

These processes may take up to 10 days after giving all the requested documents. Once the account has been verified, you may now proceed with the Binomo login.

Account Type

As with other online brokers, Binomo India also offers four tiers of accounts specified based on the total funding you invest in the platform. This means that there is no extra cost or particular programme membership required to go to the higher tier. You just need to increase your deposit amount to increase your tier.

Here are the account types that Binomo invest trade offers:


This account offers basic access to the platform and tournaments of Binomo alongside some strategy guides. You only need to deposit at least $10 to join this account.


This tier is more advanced than the previous account type. With a minimum deposit of $500, you get to enjoy access to strategy guides alongside faster withdrawals and management.


This is the highest tier of the three. With this account, you get to enjoy all the privileges that the Binomo trading app offers. A minimum deposit of $1000 will allow you to join this tier.

The company makes it clear that even standard accounts can access everything they need to ensure that the trade goes smoothly, easily, and effectively. The bonuses on higher tiers may provide more benefits, but they are not certainly essential.

Binomo Demo

If you are still asking “is Binomo safe?”, then you can try to avail the demo account. Binomo offers a complete and fully-functional account for newbies or potential customers to try out and see if Binomo is real or fake.

To try it, you need to access the demo site provided, and you will be given $1000 virtual cash to try trading.

Minimal Deposit

With a minimum deposit of $10, you can already register for an account in Binomo. This is quite low as compared to other similar platforms. Other brokers require a minimum deposit of $25 with the same amount for minimum trade as well. While for Binomo, the least trade amount is only $1.

How to use Binomo?

After you have successfully registered and verified your account, you can already proceed with the technical aspects of trading. Here are the steps in order to use Binomo:

Step 1: Register and Verify account

Step 2: Carefully go through with the interactive instructions

Once you have a verified account, Binomo will give you interactive instructions on how to conduct trades on the market and how to work on the trading terminal. This will help reveal all the technical aspects of trading.

Step 3: Deposit funds

When you deposit funds, you have to go first to the cashier section where all financial transactions are made between the investor and the broker. Then, you should choose which payment method to use.

After that, enter the amount you wish to deposit then click on the payment button. Fill in all information afterward and confirm the fund transfer.

Step 4: Start Trading

To start this step, you need to first select the asset that catches your interest from the available on the terminal operator. Then, conduct a thorough analysis of the asset with the analysis tools from Binomo and make a forecast of your trading contract.

Then, state the amount of the trade and period when the forecast is confirmed or the expiration time. After that, register the contract and wait for the expiration time and get your profit in the event that your forecast is accurate.

Step 5: Monetization of funds from trading

Once, you have achieved the financial result you are aiming for, then you will need to monetize your funds received from trading. First, you need to go to the cashier section and select withdraw funds. Fill in the necessary information for the withdrawal of your profits. Then, you need to wait for 4 hours to 3 business days for the funds to be credited.

As you see, the whole trading process of Binomo from the registration up to the monetization of funds is fairly simple and straightforward. There is no wonder why it is one of the most popular financial trading platforms these days.



As aforementioned, the company not only dedicates the platform to sophisticated users but also newbies as well. Binomo also dedicates its attention to newbies in the industry by offering tutorials that could be easily accessed on the web or the Binomo apk. The company offers a glossary section where the newbie could familiarize themselves with the usual terms of the Binomo trading app.

He/she could also access the Frequently Asked Questions section where most of the commonly asked questions regarding the financial trading and the platform are answered. And lastly, they also offer video tutorials where the newbie could easily follow through the whole trading process from the registration up to the withdrawal of profits.

What is the Binomo App


Most, if not all, already have a mobile phone at hand where they can easily communicate and easily access information. Binomo has fully realized this, thus the creation of the Binomo app to provide a mobile reactive version for the users. This Binomo app download is available for both Android and iOS.

It uses push notifications to update traders on their transactions and alert them regarding promotions and tournaments. This has already passed beta testing and is a suitable choice for those traders who are always on the go. No worries, as all the essentials of trading are covered in the app.

Why You Should Try Binomo?

Whether you are a newbie or an expert in trading, Binomo offers all the features to help support professional trading. Their lack of fees and affordable plans are just a few of the reasons why it is a popular and sought-after trading platform by new and veteran traders. Furthermore, the whole process from the registration up to the withdrawal of profits is made easy for traders. And lastly, they offer education and tutorials to help the newbies in the field. So, there is no good reason why you shouldn’t try the Binomo trading platform. To verify if Binomo is legal in India or that Binomo is safe, you can also check Binomo review India.

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