Will BB10’s launch prove to be the gadget turning the eyes back on RIM?

Blackberry 10 cham’s post

Blackberry 10 cham's post

The game of smartphones in the past year was very hot and the most buzzed topic. And so whats the new sizzling gossip about gadgets this year? Its none other than BlackBerry 10. It’s the time where the RIM market is breaking its way off in this tug off cum cut throat war of US giant Apple and the Korean king Samsung. The big race in which the statistics shows a declining graph for RIM markets with every quarter. Though this new BlackBerry 10 has turned many eyes back towards it. So the 3…2…1 has started for the curious launch of the BlackBerry phone series.

This time RIM is really concerned and taking care of the release date that is expected to be this Jan 30th without any delays or hurdles.
The Black Berry 10 is expected to make a do a fresh commencement to spread the magic by making a launch with two new models including the full touch Z10, previously known as the L series which is similar to the Black Berry 10 Dev Alpha B, that have been distributed to developers across the globe.
It really seems that RIM was waiting for the correct ball of timing, to get under, for hitting up the straight shot to its opponents. And I guess its getting under it, so now the thing to watch out is RIM swaying away or not?

Industry sources says that “ The upcoming fresh models will be handy in most of the markets including the UAE as well making it as early as possible, may be the first week of February”.
RIM plans to make this phone “Up for grabs” across the key markets of Asia (Including the Gulf and the middle East). Simultaneously Dubai would be one of the six destinations where Black Berry 10’s catapult event is being planned to take place.

On this note Sandeep Saihgal, Managing Director RIM – Middle East articulates that “In June 2012, we brought the region’s first ever BlackBerry 10 Developer Jam to Dubai. On January 30, we will bring another landmark event to the UAE with the BlackBerry 10 launch which will first happen in Dubai and simultaneously across six cities”.


Let’s take a glance over the features with which Black Berry 10 is going to serve its awaiting users:

1.) Locking and unlocking screen: The locking and unlocking of this cell phone comprises of the normal moves by sliding it and updates you need i.e. it comprises the facility of letting you know the time, date, any new inputs in your inbox making it easy for the user to have a “brief sneak-over” over a specified area on the screen, whereas you can just leave it- with the device remaining locked.

2.) Home screen: This section winds ‘Active frames’ that are miniature versions of your applications leaving an over-view of it and thus leading to open up a full version of that peculiar app when tapped upon. The navigation steps will decrease highly making it more efficient to use.

3.) Interactive Interface: This section envelops into it the similar fashion of displaying 16 apps at a time on the screen like that of Samsung and Apple products. So simply you have to click the app and make it work for you. More over there’s also a shortcut bar including 3 apps like phone, camera and search which is been provided below the screen. So if any android or apple users want to transit from their zone to RIM and get acquainted with its new atmosphere, it’ll be way easy. Also there is a provision which provides a faded animation in the background when you swipe on to over the next page. With this Black Berry 10’s launch RIM is coming up with the new slogan which is supposed to be on everyone’s lips and that is “IT FLOWS” to mark out its new OS. Also the online statistics shows that this phone is going to unfold official social networking apps from all of its competitors, and can jeopardize voice control apps like Apple’s Siri and Google voice on android through its new voice control feature.

4.) Click- Click : Who doesn’t wish to capture the perfect moment and perfect smile on your face? Yes, RIM weaves the feature called “The Time Shift feature” to make your smile more special and perfect.

5.) Black berry Hub: RIM’s hub for this phone reveals that it is an integrated inbox dealing with multiple email accounts, text messages, BBM, call logs, third party messages like Whats app and the social environments like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Also many other features like the keyboard, the different modes i.e. the personal as well as the work mode you can switch over to according to your requirements, the cascading feature for your applications which run simultaneously and many more.

Specifications of Blackberry 10

  • CPU: Dual Core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon
  • Display: 4.2 Inch (1280×768 356PPI)
  • Camera: 8MP Auto Focus 1080p HD Video Recording
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Storage: 16GB Internal Storage
  • WiFi:Yes
  • Battery: 1800mAh Removable
  • Connectivity: Near Filed Comunication ,microUSB, Bluetooth 4.0

So, down the line somewhere this cell phone is something which users can really “COUNT ON” it. So, we just keep the fingers crossed to watch this stratagem of RIM is able to “turn the tables” or not? Whether this tag line of Black Berry 10 which is “IT FLOWS” really keep them into the flow or turns against them.

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13 Responses

  1. kumar says:

    HI Charmie

    I have been using Blackberry for the last 6 yrs or so and I cannot think of life without it. BB 10 features I feel are awesome.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  2. Mohd Aktar says:

    I have seen video of BB10 in this post and it looks amazing and very intuitive. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. Siddharth Srivastava says:

    Great Features for BB-10, would love to try it! But sadly, couldn’t afford :/

  4. sanchit says:

    BB has its own field, there is no other to give any chase.
    All BB customer will like it, and RIM will attract the eyes.

  5. Charmie says:

    Thanx for the acknowledgement 🙂

  6. Matt says:

    I am not a fan of BB before because I no longer want physical keypad but with BB10 phone I think I’ll consider buying one.

    • charmie says:

      Dear Matt,

      I guess this time with the advent of BB10 RIM is really going to have something which they have not been able to make so much till now, at least not after Samsung and Apple came with their shots in the markets and that is “A GOOD AMOUNT OF PROFIT”.

      • Matt says:

        I’ve made a comment about think to buy a BB but the unit price in my country is not as appealing as the BB because it is expensive considering its specs.

  7. surender says:

    Thanks for sharing your information..
    A latest news is that BlackBerry confirms cancellation of two BB10 series devices The two BB10 devices that have been dropped are better known as The Café and The Kopi series. Earlier this year, the design of Kopi was leaked that showed this entry level mobile with a physical keyboard and design similar to Q5. The devices were especially designed by Blackberry to be offered at a low cost with two different forms- QWERTY and Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 variant with the full touch feature.

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