Blogging “was never” and “is never” about money


Let me begin my writing with this simple quote:

“Content Isn’t King, It’s the Kingdom.” 
― Lee Odden,

Well, I know that you might be thinking, that that is completely hypothetical and insane statement lying in that title of this article, holding a contradictory taboo for the same. Right? But let me tell you that I am not here to do that.

Some time back I was having a talk with one of my blogger friend discussing the current scenario happening all around in blogosphere. We were discussing how one can get more users or readers, organic traffic and there was only thing into the form of an answer i.e. CONTENT – A GREAT CONTENT.

Blogging which when started long back in the 90’s was to deliver some content on line in a particular fashion. It was to solve out people’s problems, to give some concrete solutions to those who are facing problems- any problems , whether a technical or non-technical.

Some myths which are supposed to be removed from everyone’s psychology to reach the excellence level in blogosphere.

Blogging is a solution to people’s problems and not any money generating machine:

This is the main problem and the ultimate approach which leads your blog towards a failure instead of success, i.e. blogging means earning handsome bucks sitting on the couch of our comfortable home-ly environment. Oh, yes you might find out this statement as rude but this is the only truth. Blogging is a way where people interact, interact because of holding a similar interest, where there are discussions and arguments, where brain-storming is done to reach out for the best solution. I interact with so many bloggers all day long and what I find is that their main objective is to become rich, to make some thousand dollar bucks by some aggressive blogging. They are always in the urge and hungry for interrogations like “please let us know the way in which we can earn the maximum and become the rich-richer-richest”. This money oriented approach ruins your way of blogging. Its totally wrong. I mean if your only motto is to earn thousands of handsome bucks than why not join an MNC?

Blogging is not the tool to earn but a tool to share:

As I  mentioned above it’s a sharing tool. It’s like you take a look around and find so many people talking about the problems they face. There thousands of problems happening around you and we all know that. But knowing them is not important here or holds any value, the significant thing is that what you do with that problem? Do you find a solution? If yes then what is it? The answers of such simple questions when kept in any kind of blogging platforms, it becomes a technical definition of blogging. And that is what we need to do. Whether you are a computer geek, a cooking champ, a philosophical guru, a smart humorist or any kind of skill-holding person, you share your things with people. I mean just see to micro-blogging sites like facebook and twitter, what we do there? Yes, correct. We share our emotions, what we feel, what have we done, what are we doing and so on…!!

Earning through blogging is just one kind of acknowledgement:

If you have entered the blogosphere or about to enter the blogosphere thinking that blogging is another tool to gain money than you are so wrong. Things like Google Adsense provide those handsome amount of cheques because of the content you serve to engage your readers, because of  the quality and optimized piece of experiment you share with people. The main thing you get except money is the fame and name both simultaneously.

You get the earning on the basis of how you are engaging yourself and making yourself more exposed to a diversified community of readers. Its like the more better you serve, the more you get as an acknowledgement. The more we engage, the more we become modest as a thinker and open to errors which can be fixed easily. Help is directly proportional to the dollars you earn. 😛

So, now after you.

Share your experiences for the same.


Charmie Prajapati

I am Charmie Prajapati, co-founder of Movzio. I am an android developer, Phonegap app builder and is currently polishing my skills for the same. I am an avid reader. An entrepreneur. A consistent thinker. An optimist. An introvert. I can help you run a better blog with each day. Add me on

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33 Responses

  1. Hi Charmie,
    I agree the fact that blogging is not a tool for making money. However, getting paid for the job you love the most is an amazing feeling.

    I used to earn Rs.5000k/month by blogging during my college days which I am really proud of even now 🙂

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hy Shahzad,
      Well, you are right that if you get paid for a job then its definately worth, but striving only for a single cause i.e. Vitamin M is not a smart thinking. 🙂
      Thanks a lot for sharing your vision and experience both. 🙂

  2. Hi Charmie,

    Provide the solution and the money follows. Blogging is about sharing value, solving problems and making connections. If you effectively open income streams the money will follow the solving.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Ahaa, well said Ryan…!! Blogging is indeed and infact came into existence to serve just a single purpose and that is to share. 🙂
      But looking at the current thinking of so many newbies and bloggers, I planned to craft this article. 🙂
      Thanks for this acknowledgement.

  3. Hi Charmine,

    I guess words keep changing their meaning.

    I did a Google search for meaning of F-word and Google says – “ruin or damage (something). Used alone or as a noun the f*** or a verb in various phrases to express anger, annoyance, contempt, impatience, or surprise, or simply for emphasis.”

    See what it used to be.

    In fact blogging was “web logging” – an online kind of diary. But during the course, it has obtained lot other dimenssions and today, there’s no harm to accept it as ‘business’ – the blogging business.

    Whatever you’ve explained in the post is one branch of a ‘now big tree’ and you can’t negate other branches if you love staying on your favorite one 🙂

    Whether it is for helping people (voluntary job) or money blog (helping others for money), it’s doing good to the community and society!

    If you really help people and solve their problems, money will follow you automatically, how to avoid it? 🙂

    • Hello Suresh Sir,
      Sir, I am not saying or objecting the ever expanding dimensions which is resulting into such a big tree called “Blogosphere”. My point of concern here is that now-a-days people are realtively titled more towards the money making factor.
      I mean the day from which people came to know about a fact that “We can earn from blogging”, they started to emphasize the very phrase only neglecting each and every other factor.
      The taboos of earning through affiliates, Adsense, CPC, CPT, PPC etc.. have become the prime motive these days instead of the content.
      And you tell me that how many blogs today serve some real useful and helpful stuff out there to the society??

  4. Hi Charmie,

    People have their own different ways of thinking. They approach blogging differently. Some see it as a platform for networking, some see it as a platform for helping and teaching others and there are some who see it as a cash cow.

    I liked the way you approach blogging. Provide quality content capable of solving people’s problems. That should be priority number one. Money will follow, like a by-product. A pretty harmless by-product though 🙂

  5. That is exactly why i believe that content curation will one day take over from blogging because the monetization and over monetization is diluting the contents and its quality and this is killing the aim of blogging. Blogging is about sharing and exploiting but internet marketers have used it as a means of promoting their products and now everyone have swam into it.
    Glad you are exploiting the potentials of my page, suggest more of your articles over there.

    • Yes, I agree with you and moreover the “How to earn some thousand bucks through blogging” has become the main objective for joining the blogging and that is what is making tough for others who are posting genuine content over the blogs to lead.

  6. I Love Blogging…I never do blogging for money.
    very nice post. If you are doing something new what you like than that is your passion. blogging is passion not for money.

  7. I have seen many teens approaching me with this misconception. And I have been unable to convince them that Blogging is all about providing value to the readers rather than making money! Du-uh! Never to realize!

    • Charmie says:

      Kushal, my main purpose behind putting up this post was to make those newbies aware about the misconception they uphold before entering the blogosphere.
      Thanks for pointing out. 🙂

  8. Emmanuel says:

    I am somehow tempted to disagree with you. Blogging for money is no crime!
    The same way the doctor sits in his office curing patients, a blogger comes in wit his contents to share experiences and of course has the right to expect some cash.

    A quack doctor will be arrested, the same way a quack blogger will be quitting in no time!

    • Charmie says:

      Hy Emmanuel,
      Ohkay, I agree with some points of you that if you get something in the form of money than it is no crime, but its my usual observation where the newbies especially thrive for only and only money, at the cost of a great content.

  9. Hi Charmine,

    I concur with the entire point you churned but simulatneously I think I have to disagree with some, did you just say “blogging is not a tool to earn but to share”? There’s a glitch there and in my opinion I’ll put it this way: “bloging is a tool to earn and to share” although sharing should be our highest priority if we really want to earn.

    The problem with newbie bloggers it that they don’t study before they launch, they dive into the blogosphere thinking that blogging is a get rich quick scheme but it’s on the contrary.

    Btw, I prefer Bill’s quote to Lee’s – content is king 🙂

    Boom! Hope you’re having a great week?

  10. Yes, Blogging can be a self-business now a day. It was started to help readers to get solutions to their problems and queries. But we can’t deny a fact that blogger has to run his blog, spend time to write contents. Nothing wrong if he gets some bucks in return favor.
    Bloggers without quality content can’t stay longer in the blogosphere.

    • Charmie says:

      Hello Sagar,
      Yes, I have mentioned it in my article and also mentioning again that I am not objecting the very idea behind earning through blogs, I am just filtering the thing that blogging is not and business on the first place, its a sharing tool.
      Hope you got my point.
      Thanks for being here.
      Regards 🙂

  11. hi charmie, thanks for sharing this insightful post since many newbie bloggers have entered the blogging arena with earning money in mind. but there is another use of blogs other than sharing info. blogs can serve as portfolio for online writers like me that can be used in finding new and better paying clients.therefore, it would be important for me to create a blog with professional looking design

    • Charmie says:

      Ohh yes dear, cent percent true. Turning out to be just a money maker without serving anything good to your readers is indeed a fascination only and nothing else. In reality you need to provide a quality content.

  12. Hi Charmie,Thank you for sharing this wonderful article and making aware of the actual meaning of Blogging i.e \”Sharing of information and knowledge\”.But if it is only meant to share information then why many blogger are aligned to earn money via blogging by adopting various ways like affiliate marketing etc??

    • Charmie says:

      Hy Prateek,
      You are always welcomed here for sharing your views. 🙂
      Secondly, people or to be precise bloggers choose or opt for affiliate marketing to earn, not only affiliate, but there are number of ways to earn in blogging. But, my motive behind my article is to pass on this message that blogging is not the tool “ONLY FOR EARNING” but primarily its for SHARING.
      So, its not worth if you can’t share some useful information to your readers. 🙂
      Thanks for passing your doubt.
      Hope you are clear with the same.

  13. Vicky says:

    Hello Charmie,

    Something new to read! Yes i agree with your points, because we can earn money only if we passionate about blogging. Next thing is as we all know newbies enter blogging only for a reason “earning money” and most of them will also fail.

    And yeah blogging is not a tool for earning it’s way to share our insights!

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Charmie says:

    Hy Aditya,
    Your lines “However, I do agree that Money shouldn’t be idealized as the most important reason to blog….” are absolutely perfect. Infact I am also trying to convey the same message in here. 🙂
    Thanks for being a part of this discussion board. 🙂

  15. I’m agree with your points Charmie
    Blogging is a way to share your views and ideas with others
    But Blogging is a kind of business now…People are coming in this business for money..

  16. Agree with your points to some extent, but it’s also important to make money though blogging as sometimes we will have a feeling that “I’m i wasting time in blogging” or our friends say’s it’s just waste of time.

    But blogging is not at all about money!

  17. Nate Leung says:

    I agree with you here. It’s not about the money, it’s all about giving value and helping others. You help others, you give value and the money will come. I never worry about the money because I know it always flows freely through me. Thank you!

  18. Ashish says:


    Wonderful points shared! If anyone is blogging only for money then I guess they will have to loose interest in blogging. Because in blogging one must have great consistency and patience to achieve the targeted goal.


  19. Nice article,
    I came to blogosphere about one and half year ago to supply VITAMIN-M to my body 😛
    I left because my purpose wasn’t right.

    After that there is only one mantra for success in my mind is a dialogue of Amir Khan in 3 Idiots ” Kaabil bano, Kaamyabi Jakhmaar k piche aayegi” , and that’s the fact.
    I have applied this fact in my life and became successful.

    Now i am thinking of coming back to blogosphere to share the things that i have leaned in last 18 months.
    Wish i will get support from all these bloggers and reader. 😛

  20. Dhiraj says:

    Great post buddy. Yah I feel proud when I receive a cheque for my hardwork but the happiness you get when someone thanks and respects u for your work is immense. :’D

  21. umesh says:

    hi. its really a great article. according to me money is just a byproduct. at present people are blogging just to make money which actually decreases the value and vibretion of article. one who blog for their joy of giving, they will become a problogger.

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