How to Choose a New TV – Everything You Need to Know

How to Choose a TV

How to choose a new TV


For something that we all take for granted in our living rooms, the humble TV set has undergone some dramatic transformations in the past few years. Right now though we are in the midst of a brand new revolution for televisions and it is one that will make a real impact in all of our homes.


The so called ‘smart’ TV sets bring more potential content into our lives as they are far more than simply being the receivers of TV channel broadcast content. There are also many new and innovative ways in which we can interact with the content and control what is happening.


TV development


The odds are that the actual television set you have today looks very different from one of only ten years ago. The introduction of plasma and LCD screens to the mass market meant better pictures with crisper images and brighter colours, but it also meant that the hulking boxes of the old CRT sets were replaced by thin units that could be wall-hung.


The latest generations of LED televisions have even bigger screens, better high definition displays and even extras such as 3D content. This all means that watching films and TV shows at home now offers a better viewing experience than ever before.


Choosing the right screen size is a basic first step in buying a new TV. Although it can be tempting to buy the biggest you can afford, some of the latest screen sizes can literally be too big for some homes.




No matter how impressive a screen you have, there is little point in going for the biggest and best if the content you put into it isn’t up to scratch. So having access to high definition broadcasts is one essential, but increasingly programming your own viewing is a popular way to do things.


This has seen the rise of the ‘boxset’ approach and although many of us will have built up treasured DVD collections over the years, today it is Blu-Ray that really makes the most of what is available.


In the case of Blu-Ray players it really all comes down to storage capacity as high definition programmes require more data and DVDs simply don’t have the capacity to cope.


Manufacturers such as Toshiba provide a wide choice of options and flexibility when it comes to choosing how you want to make the most of the latest developments in TV and viewing technology.

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  1. Hi Mosam,
    you are exactly right .With the advancement in technology one is having a lot of options to buy a product, this creates a lot of confusion and artificial need in the minds of consumer.One must be clear about his needs , only this can help him buy the right product.

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    Thanks for this informative post.As everyone of us are aware that with the advancement in the technology it becomes difficult to choose the best product.Now,after reading your post it will make easier for buyers like me to make a correct choice.

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    Great Post. Your article will help all the readers to choose their T.v easily. Technologies have confused today everyone in buying any products. Your such post will help everyone to solve their confusion.

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    Television plays a vital role in our day to day life. Nowadays there is no house without a television. There are wide varieties of TV and TV companies. People are confused to choose, which one is the best to choose. Here you gave a clear cut tips to picks up a Television. Your post is both simple and brief.

    Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

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    Nice post! Since their is a rapid role in technology we can see a lot of new models of television in the market and most of them are LED models. I really love costly models.


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    MEGAVUE is an emerging Multi-Platform, Multi Lingual Television Network available on Regular Television sets, Computer, Smartphones and on Pay per view Cable.

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    Informative points! The mentioned tips are really important while choosing a brand new television. I was planning to gift a T.V to my sister seems like I’m gonna follow you tips and purchase a new one.

    BTW the theme is looking great!


  9. The most recent eras of LED Tvs have considerably greater screens, better high definition shows and even additional items, for example, 3d substance. This all implies that viewing movies and TV shows at home now offers a superior review experience than at any other time in recent memory in the recent past.

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