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How to Download Torrent with Any Download Manager At Super fast Speed (7 Easy Steps)

Furk.net home page

In this Tutorial, you will learn “How to download torrent files fast with any download manager at Super fast Speed”!

Now, we have come up with a website known as “Furk.net” which decreases the initiatives along with shorter period taken to download the file from the Torrentz. In this Website You can use it to stream video or listen to your music from PC, smartphone, HTPC or even a game console like XBOX and PS 3.

Moreover this web centered service provide the person to download the specific file easily when the computer file is to download from the torrents.

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Step 1: Go to Furk.net (Click to Enlarge Image)

Furk.net home page

Step 2: Register With Facebook Account or your mail account(but Register with mail account you will require invite codes) So Login with your Facebook account and Get 7 Free invite codes for register with new mail account

Facebook login image

Step 3: After create your Account conform your account with Furk.net then Simply go to My files

Image 2

Step 4: After Click My Files Button then Simply Click to New Button

Image 3

Step 5: Download your torrent file and upload it or Simply Copy Paste to Torrent Link.

Image 4

Step 6: After upload your torrent file then Simply click to Add Download Button

Image 5

Step 7:  After Click Add download Button then Click Download Button.

Image 6

All Done! you can also Download any File Separately.. and you can Play Audio and Video Torrent File online.

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So As always Share your Views on This Awesome Tactics. and Yes, Please Comment Below if you like This Post!! :)& Must tell, how we are Doing??


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  1. EllEll

    Good stuff, thank u! I just wanted to know if there is a big difference between this and torch browser? Because torch also lets me download torrents so easily. What do you think?

    • Mosam Gor

      Hi EllEll

      Thanks For your Comment EllEll… Nice to see you hear… yes, you are right torch browser allow to torrent download easily. but this Site is not Software it is allow to decrease the initiatives along with shorter period taken to download the file from the Torrent…


  2. Sohil Memon

    Hey Mosam,
    Awesome work Bro. I am fond of movies and torrent is the best site to download from it 🙂
    So now your post really help me! Good work great going 🙂
    Once again thanks 😀

  3. Udit Kanabar

    Hey mosam really like this post of urs but i just want to know that what will be the speed of downloading if i use this site to download any torrent .????
    because i am regularly using zbigz.com for downloading torrent files through Internet Download Manager… so what is the new in this that forces me to download through this website.?

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