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There is hardly anyone in the blogosphere who is not acquainted with a blogger “Harsh Agrawal” having a unique beard and style to represent him or the domain named “ShoutMeLoud“. Yes, these two are one of the most admired things in the blogging world and also claimed globally to be one of the topmost bloggers.

TechnoTactics: “ShoutMeLoud”, a name which has always made me fascinate about its origin, please share that moment behind naming your internet space “ShoutMeLoud”.

Harsh Agrawal: There is an interesting story behind name “Shout Me Loud”. When I was planning to buy my first domain name, I wanted to pick a name which is not only unique but also is memorable. Instead of going for a keyword rich name, I decided to pick up a name which can easily be brandable. I was thinking of name for long and couldn’t finalize anything concrete. One day while traveling (Coming back from office), I saw the word “Shout” on a billboard ad and name “ShoutMeLoud” came into my mind. I reached home, checked the availability of domain name, borrowed my friend credit card and booked hosting and domain name right away.

TechnoTactics: How far you believe this quote :

Harsh Agrawal: As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others. —Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a legend and above quote is the key to happiness. The real happiness for anyone is by giving or doing something for others.

TechnoTactics: What have you obeyed in your adventurous career of blogging that made you commanding?

Harsh Agrawal: One thing which I always stick to and stand by is; doing what is right. Honesty is something which I believe is the thing that helped me most, and most important writing things which matters rather than writing something for the sake of being there.

TechnoTactics: We all have a point/moment where something or someone have left an impact which works like an image which is constantly been processed by our neurons. Which is that moment/failure in your life for which you will always thank to and cherish, which you think was the most important incident to curve your life and making you a persona you are today?

Harsh Agrawal: There are many incidents in the past which taught me most valuable lesson in life. One of the best one I remember is from my elder brother “Gaurav Agarwal” who told me the most beautiful lines ever. When I was joining RHCP course (Linux) and on the first day he told me: “When ever you go to a new place, be silent and try to learn things from basics even if you are master in it. Being a good listener is the key to learning.”

Something that I’m following since then, and when ever I meet someone; I pass his wisdom to others.

TechnoTactics: I have modified a quote by “People don’t read for logical reasons. They read for emotional reasons.” How will you relate this quote with blogging?

Harsh Agrawal: You actually diving into the world of emotional psychology with this question. Let me give you my take on it, as your quote fits perfect but on certain scenario. What I believe is, emotions  will let people connect to you and relate with your story or article, but it’s logic which is more important than just the emotions.

TechnoTactics: What are these things according to you:

Harsh Agrawal:

Leadership: Person who gives credit to others for great work!

Happiness: Letting go!

Motivation: Passion

Money: Necessity

Innovation: Accident or solution to a problem!

Writing: Talking to your inner-self and an art.

Time: Is now!

TechnoTactics: What do you think is the main cause of the current peak rate of blogs production? Is it recession or people finding it a “Happy go lucky” thing to earn online?

Harsh Agrawal: I believe it’s a mixture of understanding and misconception. There are many people who understand the importance and blogging in todays’ date and they are riding the wave. I call them smart people as they have a vision with their blog. At the same time, there is big misconception that blogging is easy income source, and a big chunk of newbies are trying their hand and leave blogging soon. I don’t blame those newbies, as they have seen others talking about money from blogging; and they missed out seeing the real work and dedication require to achieve that.

I don’t really call blogging as “Happy go lucky” profession, because it requires not only great deal of time and energy, but it also require a passion from inside.  At the same time, if you love your work, you are happy!

TechnoTactics: Is blogging all about content? I mean just putting up some great content works out or any extra efforts are needed?

Harsh Agrawal: Good content  is indeed the primary fuel for a blog, but a lot needs to be done to make blogging work for you. Only good content sounds like throwing a party in the middle of jungle and you are the only host and the guest.

Promotion is key ingredient to ensure you are heard and people will reach to your masterpiece. Be it a new blog or a popular blog, promotion is the key. For old and popular blog it’s quite easy, as most of the promotion is done by existing readers, in form of social-sharing. My suggestion for new blogger is to work on promotion after publishing, and at the same time focus on building readership for their blog. Which could easily be achieved with the help of offering various subscription options like Email subscription, FB Like box, Twitter follow to name a few. The key is to give an easy way for your first-time reader to subscribe to your blog.

TechnoTactics: You have been blogging since last 4-5 years and you have seen two phases of blogging and a significant shift from “Writing to Share” to “Competition to earn”. What would you like to say?

Harsh Agrawal: “Writing to share” and “Competition to earn” is something which existed 5 years ago and even in today’s date, and it will keep happening in near future. With the rise of blogging, competition has definitely increased but I guess “Writing to share” still wins the race. A blog which is created just to earn is short lived and failed to create an impact. There is nothing wrong with that strategy, as money is certainly an important element to survive and to live, but once you have crossed that stage of earning; you would realize “Less is new more”.

TechnoTactics: What do you think about “whether blogs will replace traditional newspapers” in the coming time?

Harsh Agrawal: I would rather reframe this question as “Whether websites will replace traditional newspapers”.

This shift is already happening and with the change in the way of; how we consume information, we are already seeing significant decline in newspaper and print media consumption. Blogs/Websites delivers news in real-time where as news via newspapers are usually one day old. Newspapers are still popular among certain age-group and I believe in next 4-5 years, newspapers will be thing of the past in metros atleast. They will face the same fate as Radio did in the past.

TechnoTactics: “A life without a cause is a life without effect.” So what cause is Harsh Agrawal fond of and longing to do always?

Harsh Agrawal: I’m a learner and at the same time I love to share stuff that I believe improved my life and will help other. I was not really blessed with a mentor or a guide to help me get through the life, and I believe having one is blessing for anyone. I just want to be that same mentor for others which I never had. After all, life is all about giving something valuable to others, and nothing is more valuable than an experience.

TechnoTactics: Your message for all.

Harsh Agrawal: Plan > Start > Keep moving forward > Don’t question your decisions> Learn from Mistakes > Don’t look back >Take a break > Resume your Journey > and remember Success is not a one shot game …It’s a Marathon…So keep moving forward!

Hope you enjoyed reading this interaction.


Charmie Prajapati

I am Charmie Prajapati, co-founder of Movzio. I am an android developer, Phonegap app builder and is currently polishing my skills for the same. I am an avid reader. An entrepreneur. A consistent thinker. An optimist. An introvert. I can help you run a better blog with each day. Add me on

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  1. Very Inspiring interview! Harsh Agarwala is the best Indian Blogger! Thanks for the interview!

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  7. Hi Harsh, Thanks for being a nice part of technotactics & Thanks to you also technotactics for wonderful interview of Harsh Aggarwal! “Success is not a one shot game …It’s a Marathon…” I like this line. This line is such a inspirational 🙂

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  9. gobizen says:

    I love this post first of all‚ here harsh explains well how to take blogging journey . Thank you again

  10. The thing i liked about this interview is that fact that this interview is not a typical how/why/when/where sort of interview. This interview seriously checked Harsh as a Blogger and showed his grip in this arena.

    PS: CHARMIE PRAJAPATI in which college do you study?

  11. Prakash says:

    Hi Madam
    Your questions are very nice and smart answer given by harsh bro
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    Harsh Agrawal the inspiration guy for all upcoming Bloggers.

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    Thanks for sharing an awesome interview of Harsh Agrawal.

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    Shout me loud is the first blog I read and learn lot from it, one of the best blog on internet

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    Good Going Ahead. Live Life Kingsize…

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    Thanks for this post. I am really appreciate this interview. I heard about some unique information about Harsh Agrawal

  16. This was a great interview by technotactics and the answers were also superb!
    I especially loved the last line…

    “Plan > Start > Keep moving forward > Don’t question your decisions> Learn from Mistakes > Don’t look back >Take a break > Resume your Journey > and remember Success is not a one shot game …It’s a Marathon…So keep moving forward!”

  17. Hi Charmie,

    Good to read more about Harsh here, yes, he inspires so many lives with his work always 🙂

    I liked what he wrote and the questions put across were nicely framed as well. Yes, blogging is certainly not easy and it takes time and patience to build a name for yourself. Also, promotion is what takes the maximum time for bloggers, but without it there is no way that your posts can reach the masses either. Great points indeed!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Hello Maam,
      He is like a one stop shop for getting an inspiration when it comes to blogging. Thank you for your acknowledgements on the framework of the questions put across him in the form of an interview.
      I am glad you liked them.

  18. Rajkumar says:

    Awesome interview and I must say I’m really intrigued to see the number of comments to this post. Indeed every knows “Harsh Agarwal” as he is really popular blogger out there.

    I guess I’ve learned lot of things from his blog. And I think he has contributed a lot to blogging world.


  19. Matts says:

    Hello Charmie Truly an inspiring interview. Actually Harsh Agarwal isa big reason why I started blogging and I always wanted to know what he have to talk about blogging and I must say you answered a lot of my questions with this post. I really loved his part on never question your decision and it’s so true. great post Charmie well done

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  24. Mi Muba says:

    Very inspiration interview. This is the quality of pro bloggers they never forget to give huge number of tips and advice while giving an interview. Hats off to both interviewer and interviewee who done their jobs so impressively in this post.
    I have the honor to be published as guest post writer at Harsh Agarwal’s blog two times. He has always be very kind to helpful to his juniors.
    In this interview also he least told the hardships which bloggers have to face while struggling but mostly referred the benefits and rewards of blogging just to keep motivating struggling bloggers to continue their journey with more passion and zeal.
    Thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful interview.

    • Firstly thanking you from the bottom of my heart. Yes, probloggers not only are professional in terms of their work but also can envision what readers are expecting from them and so they always shot the target through the appropriate advices. Glad to know that you have been jotting down on such a huge platform for about twice.
      I am satisfied that this format of interview is also loved by people apart from the regular ones.

  25. Samir says:


    I guess this is the second interview of Harsh Agarwal I’m reading this week and I’m really impressed with his answers as its very inspiring.


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    • Hy Emmanuel,
      While I was framing questions for Harsh I actually did a lot of research work over the already conducted interviews. I didn’t wanted to sound monotonous and so I prepared a new set of dimensions dedicated to blogging…!!! I am happy that this post helped you correct your mistake you made after posting your content..!!!
      Thank you so much for acknowledging.

  28. sharad says:

    Nice tips by harsh agarwal .He is the legend of blogging especially in India.It is a nice interview by technotactics.

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    Hey Admin 🙂
    This is realy Great.
    But can you please help me. What is RSS feed? Is it important for blog?

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    I held the perception and targeted the newbies first while preparing the interview.

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