Expin.me Review: Let The World Read Your Story

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Are you crazy over something like me? Or Have passion about something? Don’t hesitate to let the world know about it. Lot of people in my life says that they have passion about music, some say they are crazy over science, and some says they have passion about photography. Don’t get me wrong, having a passion about something is really a great thing and one must have a passion about something to achieve their goals in life. While I am talking about the passions, you have started thinking about your passion too. Right?

Passion is something which is that aspect of our life to which we are spiritually connected. Passion is something which we don’t enjoy, but it is our soul which enjoys it. Passion changes from a person to person. Have you every shared your passion or told the world about it? Have you ever thought to disclose your passion to the world with a story? No? Then start thinking, because we have now Expin.me, a great site to share experiences, passion story and thoughtful stories with the world. Bloggers, Internet Marketers can use it to promote their business too.

Information About Expin.me

Expin.me is similar to social networking sites, where people share their life experiences and stories. Alongside you can attach photos, videos and sounds with your words which makes your post more beautiful and different. It is a different concept too, which I think is a good move. Expin.me is simple, convenient and easy to use platform to express whatever you like and about your passion. Definitely a must try site and story sharing platform! If you want to share stories only with your closed ones, then there is a group feature in it. Which lets you create a group of people and let you share stories only in that group. If you have a great contest idea then Expin.me helps you to create contests, and get participants who rate them with views and likes and then you can select winners based on the quality of Expression.

Not Just A Story Sharing Platform

Expin.me is a website which allows you to create Short Stories on your Life Time Events, Hobbies, Creative, Sports and Entertainment, Social Causes and lots more. So you can’t call it just a story sharing website. It’s not like posting a status or photo on Facebook, and getting likes and comments from friends. It far more interesting and creative than that of Facebook. Each user can create its own designed stories by including different kind of media files. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to a web expert to use this site, even a first time user can create magnificent stories in it. I don’t think there is any other site like it, which allows you to create your stories according to the theme and topic with audio, videos and images.

My Words For Expin.me

Expin.me is really a unique idea and a great move towards online sharing. You can get started with it in just 5 minutes after signing up. Moreover there are thousands of predesigned stories templates available, which you can explore after signing up. It allows you to connect your social networking account with it. It makes sharing your story more easy and convenient. There is a story builder, which lets you create and design your own beautiful story. The story builder is simple, yet versatile. After creating your story, you can publish it, and let the world know about it. Expin.me is a great platform to which lets you Voice your Passion with a Story. A Story about you, your interests, views and passion. A must use site.

Mosam Gor

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