Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Keys For All Browsers

Facebook Keyboard Shortcut Keys – All Browsers

When your Mouse gets stuck moreover key pad is easy to handle than mouse while Communicating or Chat  with your Friends on Facebook.So Today I am Posting Facebook Timeline Keyboard Shortcut Keys For All Browsers. We are used Ctrl +c and Ctrl +v  Shortcut keys For Copy and Paste for all Windows operating System. In this content we detailed quick way important factors for all Browsers.use this Shortcut keys this method helps you to saves a lot of time.

Mozilla Firefox Facebook Timeline Shortcut keys:


Shortcut Keys             Action

Shift + Alt + ?       Cursor in Search box

Shift + Alt + M     New Message Box

Shift + Alt + 0      Open The Help Center

Shift + Alt + 1      Home Page

Shift + Alt + 2      Profile Page

Shift + Alt + 3      Friend Request

Shift + Alt + 4      Messages if any

Shift + Alt + 5      Notification

Shift + Alt + 6      Account Settings

Shift + Alt +7      Privacy Settings

Shift + Alt + 8     Official Facebook page

Shift + Alt + 9     Service Agreement

L                           Like/Unlike   Photos in Light box


Google Chrome[Safari] Facebook Timeline Shortcut keys:


Shortcut Keys          Action

Alt + ?                  Move cursor into Search box

Alt + M                 New message box

Alt + 0                  Opens Help Center

Alt + 1                  Opens Home Page

Alt + 2                   Profile Page

Alt + 3                   Friend Request

Alt + 4                   Messages if any

Alt + 5                   Notification

Alt + 6                   Opens Account Settings

Alt +7                    Opens Privacy Settings

Alt + 8                    Official Facebook page

Alt + 9                    Service Agreement

L                              Like/Unlike Photos in Lightbox mode


Internet Explorer Facebook Timeline Keyboard Shortcut keys:


Shortcut Keys          Action

Alt + ? +          Enter Move Cursor into Search Box

Alt + M +        Enter New Message

Alt + 0 +         Enter Open Help Center

Alt + 1 +         Enter Home Page

Alt + 2 +         Enter Profile Page

Alt + 3 +         Enter Friend Request

Alt + 4 +         Enter Messages if any

Alt + 5 +         Enter Notification

Alt + 6 +         Enter Account Settings

Alt +7 +          Enter Privacy Settings

Alt + 8 +         Enter Official Facebook page

Alt + 9 +         Enter Service Agreement

L                      Like/Unlike Photos in Light box



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  3. Hey mosam, I just tried all shortcuts on Google Chrome, planning to get use to with all to work more faster and efficiently.. Thank you 🙂

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