Bumper Summer Giveaway : Free Logo Designing designed by MashinMedia


What is MashinMedia?

MahinMedia owns a team of 7 people who are experienced and well educated in Logo and Graphic Designing. We are here for the people who have a Brand identity but do not have a unique symbol for it. MashinMedia says:

MashinMedia has served Thousands of clients across the  globe and got 98% satisfied clients who are still hiring our services. There is only one purpose of  MashinMedia that is SATISFY OUR CLIENTS. We always try to do best for our clients.

How you can win this logo designing giveaway?

To join this Giveaway you’ll be required to follow the below mentioned easy-to-go steps:

  1. Enter Your Email Address for the joining
  2. Like TechnoTactic’s Facebook Page get 1 entry.
  3. Follow @technotactics on Twitter get 1 entry.
  4. Add TechnoTactics G+ and get 1 entry.
  5. Leave a Blog Post Comment get 5 entry (tell us what domain you want to choose).
  6. Share the Giveaway on Your Social Profiles Like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  7. The below widget has got many different options like this to gain maximum points.

You’ll be contacted by our team once you are declared as a winner and thereby you’ll be asked your requirement for designing your logo. Your logo will have:


The winners will have to write a review for the logo MashinMedia designs for your website or company.


Mosam Gor

A tech-blogger. WordPress caprice. Simplistic. A geek. SocialMediaMarketer. Music and Movie freak. Affiliate marketer. Short tempered. Crazy about Gadgets. An Strong experienced in web designing through HTML and CSS.For me free time means playing with WordPress and maintaining my other blogs and websites. I am interested in playing “tabla, djembe & piano”. Add me on Google+

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11 Responses

  1. Hey thanks for the giveaway, Is there any giveaway widget ? punchtab or raffle? because I can’t see anything like that above.

  2. Somesh says:

    The brand for the logo

  3. Kavan Pancholi says:

    I am getting start my new blogging site. Mosam Gor knows about it. 🙂 And I need a logo for the same so I can kickstart it ASAP.

  4. nice to participate in this awesome Giveaway.. I am casual visitor of this blog and big fan of Ifham khan…. good job.. keep it up…

  5. Mayur says:

    Yep, I’m going to create my own brand name with the unique and cool logo design by MashInMedia.. Ready to roll…

  6. Samir says:

    Only 2 days left 🙁 and I just came to know about it. I’d love to join this awesome giveaway and best for luck to all the contestants.


  7. David says:

    Can you please show me the portfolio of your designs so that I can read more information about it.

  8. ronald says:

    a free logo is a heaven sent, especially for a new business.

    on top of the service being free, the logos are very professional.

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