How Gaming Helps To Improve Your Cognitive Capabilities

Improve Your Cognitive Capabilities

For long parents have been against their children sitting in front of screens and playing games. As parents only see the time their children could have spent on their school and study topics being spent playing video games. Even though there is some truth to their claims, there are some significant advantages which video games can offer. Let us look at a few of the scenarios where it’ll help us out.

  • Improved Visual Processing skills: On aspects like visual contrast sensitivity (distinguishing between shades of grey), gamers were found to be more receptive. Studies have even proved that gaming can help people with Amblyopia, also known as ‘Lazy eye’. The study proved to be highly impactful with results yielding the people with the disorder to reach often normal or near normal capabilities which makes it is quite an achievement.
  • Improved vigilance and attention to detail: Considering an action war game, a gamer is expected to stay on point always, scanning the environment and looking out for danger. This is a scenario of spatial attention which is used as a variable to determine driving capability. The ability to refrain from non-target stimuli is seen to be more prominent in gamers. Playing video games have also been shown to improve the capabilities of dyslexic children.
  • Improved executive functioning: Executive functions are a set of cognitive processes that are necessary for the cognitive control of behavior. Scenarios in games similar to a flight simulator, the gamer is required to multi-task. Controlling and inspecting parameters like the planes control stick, manifold pressure, fuel gauge, altitude, oil pressure, fuel pressure and more, a lot of multitasking is required and games help in that case. Multitasking is a skill every child needs in this time and age with the load the educational system puts on children from learning topics like electronic configuration, periodic table and more.
  • Job-related skills: For job scenarios which require quick decision-making, excellent working memory, good attention and eye-hand coordination gamers are found to have a sharper advantage. In an experiment, a group of novice surgeons were provided with a chance to work on laparoscopic surgery through a video game while another group through conventional methods. It was found that the video gamers performed much better than the group of non-gamers.

Thus here we have discussed the different scenarios wherein we can improve our abilities. Even though there are certain negative aspects which are said to be brought forward by gaming like social isolation, obesity, and violence, the advantages it can bring is a worthy reason not to bid against it. Finding the right balance will help to employ the perks of video games while avoiding its negative aspects.

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