GetResponse Vs Constant Contact – Who Is The Winner?


The scope of email marketing is increasing with every passing day. There are a big number of companies offering different email marketing tools. Each tool has its own unique features. Today we are comparing two well known email marketing tools — GetResponse And Constant Contact. Which one is better and which one is not. And who is the real winner. You will come to know today.

Let’s compare pricing and features of both GetResponse and Constant Contact and lets see who is the winner.

Core features:

Both GetResponse and Constant Contact allow you to send newsletters to the subscribers. But GetResponse offers wide range of actions like Responsive emails, Landing page creation and much more. As compared to this, Constant Contact only allows basic functions and RSS-to-email feature. If you want to design an impressive campaign, you can design it much better using GetResponse.


Pricing is one of the important element. Of course users will only go for the product, if and only if it is affordable.  Both GetResponse and Constant Contact start their plans from $15. But I will recommend you to select GetResponse over Constant Contact. The reason is that GetResponse offers to have more numbers of subscribers as compared to Constant Contact. GetResponse enables you to add 1000 subscribers in your account. As compared to this, Constant Contact only allows 500 subscribers.  One more difference is that, Constant Contact only allows you to send emails in basic plans. As compared to this GetResponse enables you to use all core features for any plan. Doesn’t matter if you have 1000 subscribers of 50,000. In short GetResponse is better than Constant Contact if we talk about pricing only.


getresponse_vs_constant_2 List Building:

When it comes to list building, I would say Constant Contact is better. Because list building is easy with with Constant Contact.  Constant Contact provides more tools than GetResponse. Moreover Constant Contact also enables you to gather more contacts by adding mailing list signup form to your facebook pages.


When we talk about templates. GetResponse beats Constant Contact.  Constant Contact offers you 400 email templates along with very less extra options. Whereas GetResponse allows you to use 500 amazing templates with freedom. You can go out of the box by using these templates. GetResponse also allows you to include videos and create landing pages that can help you to make your email more attractive to the users.

Some of the GetResponse templates:


And here are some templates design by Constant Contact:

Support :

Both GetResponse and Constant Contact are supported by customers via live chats, emails and mobile phones. They both have quality support system and provide 24/7 live chat support including sundays.

Why GetResponse is Better than Constant Contact

GetResponse is better for the following reasons:

1. Free trial of GetResponse enables you to add up to 250 contacts in your contact list. As compared to this, Constant Contacts only allows 100 contacts.

2. GetResponse is more cheaper as compared to Constant Contact.

3. Variety of templates are available.

4. Variety of languages.

This makes GetResponse a better email marketing tool that can help you grow your business easily and affordably. However, Constant Contact is also not that bad. And in some points, Constant Contact proves to be better than GetResponse. But if it you compare all features then GetResponse is actually the winner.

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