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Google Politics and Elections hub : Redefined dynamics in elections


So, this is the election time going on over here in India. It can be a well proclaimed statement and well justified if I say that Indian elections are like celebration time for each and every Indian. The twitter updates are trending with the “Satta/Sarkar/Government” hashtags, Namo hashtags and almost each and every bit encircling in the world of Indian politics is jotted down by our Traditional as well as Social medias. But why I am talking this all here? How is election related here over Technotactics, right? Than to disclose a fact Google these days have started one more service after getting tempted by the hot buzzing environment of elections, post-elections and pre-election celebrations.

Oh yes. Google has started a hub called “Politics and Elections” where we can get the statistics and information about the latest movements happening around in the world of politics. A place where even a single statement is considered as verdict and kept in between public domains.

Sandeep Menon, who is the Director Marketing at Google India, announced through a blog post said that this giant hub is active now and live for anyone to visit.

The basic agenda of this hub is to create more and more awareness in people, to make people know the importance of the democratic power we all uphold to take any decision. It is really a great movement to empower our elections and providing an all new dimension of creating public awareness and excitement regarding the elections. This tool provides an access to latest news, videos and integrates the links to the different ruling and opposition parties, the election commission and also to NGOs like the Association for Democratic Reform and PRS Legislative Research.

Well, these were the main or say basic functionalities which can be expected from Google but simultaneously we always expect some unusual stuffs when it comes to Google’s creation, right? So, the out-of-the-line feature provided by this tool is that it has created an interactive platform between the voters (i.e. public) and candidates. It has got an option of either “pledge” to vote map where you can drop “whats on your mind regarding the election” and you’ll be getting those messages along with the regions over the map of India through colorful dots or “Get inspired” where you’ll be redirected to so many inspirational videos related to voting and its importance. Even the hangout page has got a collection of relevant YouTube videos from various news media channels and has a scheduled number of hangouts involving different party leaders like the Minister of Rural Development Jairam Ramesh (on March 27), the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chauhan (on March 29) and former Sports Minister Ajay Maken (on March 30) and is a long list till April 8 and more will be appended with time.

In his jot down on his blog, Menon also mentioned that “this is the first time Google has created a “Google Score” tool, to reflect search activity against a person’s name in the last 24 hours across both Google Search and YouTube. The company will be displaying the five politicians with the highest Google score from the previous day, every day on the Trends page in the Election hub.” This will help the users quickly navigate and have an insight of how the trends are moving and getting shift. It also includes infographics on search trends like the most searched Chief Ministers and the parties.

Well, than what about those who doesn’t have an access to computers as major India still are not able to participate due to lack of computers. But Google is caring, they have made a provision with an innovative move that people call 08800484848 to listen over on Hangouts (both live and after they are over). The call is automatically cut, and you get a call with the audio once you are done and you can also make reach possible.

As I have mentioned earlier, this first step and a decent initiative to make reach, voice of people through the power of Internet and that too during such a dynamic time of election is really appreciable. Though the critics might envision it as an attempt to get people try out the Google hangouts and Google+ hubs but the proposal of Google to start this hub on the subject of Election Commission of India was approved first time by both the major opposition parties BJP and Congress.

So, join your thoughts together through the power of internet and Google.

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  1. Vijesh

    Hi Charmie,
    I Never knew Google is giving updates on politics will check it out soon and thanks for this information. I am also interested to see how this Google score tool works.

  2. Jayashree

    Hello Charmie

    Yeah.The portal is a great resources for common people like us.It would have been more of a win win situation for Election commission if they would have had partnered with Google. They initially showed interest to partner and later dropped out due to fear on spying and national security concerns.

    • Dr. Diana

      Only political minded persons can understand this post. Elections are the most important part of any country. We should give our vote to right leader.

  3. Philip Varghese Ariel

    Hi Charmie,
    This is my first visit here,
    Nice to note that you have
    a good number of posts here
    I really missed, sure, I will
    come back again to check
    This initiative by Google is
    yet another good thing from
    their side, I mean another
    service to the common man
    to know the whereabouts of
    our missing politicians after
    the election, of course they
    will surely do the same as
    they did in the past as when
    the election approaches
    they come down to the
    common man with a folded
    hand. What a pity it is.
    Anyways this years election
    is having lot of differences
    let us wait and watch
    Keep informed
    May you have a wonderful weekend
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

  4. Philip Varghese Ariel

    Hey Charmie,
    I forgot to note one thing
    you said log of things about
    Sandeep Menon,the Director Marketing
    at Google India, and about his blog etc.
    Hey, where is the link or way to go to his
    place? pl. give us the link of course since
    Google is there we can do a search and find him 🙂

  5. Monica

    As much as political parties in India are embracing technology. Technology has also started waking up to the unique needs of Indian political system. India after all is and is going to be the largest market for them.

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