How to hack Facebook Account Using Cookie Stealing Approach

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Before introducing you to the attack, let me inform you that method works only if the victim is using http connection, hence if you want to be safe from the same do use “https” connection instead of “http”.

Facebook like many site’s uses authentication cookie. This cookie has a large information in the same.

Following is a Part of one such:-

[message type=alert ]Cookie: datr=1276721606-b7f94f977295759399293c5b0767618dc02111ede159a827030fc; lsd=Xesut; lxe=greg.evans%40****************; c_user=100001230367821; lo=wl9fcGXMhPfoT4bAhKFP3Q; lxs=1; sct=1276721745; xs=a615cfe596448194d6e2a8d062a90e4e[/message]

Here ‘lxe’ field is login. I have not researched for any further information into what the various other fields mean, but using facebook without any kind of security you’re both leaking the email address used for your login and the session cookie.

  • Please note: You might use  variety of methods in order to steal facebook authentication cookies depending upon the network the lol you are hacking is on;
  • If you are on a hub based network you would just sniff traffic with any packet sniffer and gain access to victims account.
  • On a Switch based network you might be interested in  ARP Poisoning request to capture authentication cookies,
  • On a Wireless network  the hell is near by use of  a simple tool called firesheep in order to capture authentication cookie.

Follow the steps for processing the cookie stealing attack using wireshark:-

Step 1: Download wireshark

Step 2: You need some geek tool like wireshark(formally etheral) to capture packets.

Step 3: Install and open Wireshark: to analyse -> and then to interfaces

Step 4: Next choose the appropriate interface and click on start. Sniff for 10 minutes or so.

Step 5:  Almost over by now just set the filter at top left to  http.cookie contains “datr”

Step 6: Once you’ve found a suitable cookie, just right click on cookie line, ~> Copy ~> Bytes (Printable Text Only)

Step 7: Now get Greasemonkey and cookie injector script for Mozilla.

Step 8: Go to do not login.

Step 8: press alt+c to bring cookie injector script and finally paste cookie code in same.

For long time access paste cookie code in a notepad file and save.



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  1. very nyc post but it is sometime not work …i have tried it using wireshark …i found the cookies but when i fill it in the box on browser it sometimes not work …but thanking you for this valuable post

  2. Shaswat says:

    very nice article ! 🙂

  3. Nice post … I think you do not even need to be an expert hacker to steal someone’s Facebook account. like there are some nice and easy hacking techniqes such as Using Keylogger software, Stealing Cookies, ans using phishing this method is very difficult but this is very common method to hack someones facebook profile….

  4. Quite ‘charming’ post Charmie. But, I’ve heard that recently facebook migrated all default accounts to h t t p s connection! So, is it appropriate anymore?

  5. janak says:

    Great post. This was very useful few years ago but now this tricks will not work to penetrate into facebook. I am feeling jealous as I was not able to find this post 2 years back 🙂

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