How AI assistants help in exam preparations?


In this day and age all of us are married, but to our internet lives.

This dictum today makes complete sense. We have begun to live virtually from the moment we wake to the time we go to bed. In fact some of us have created entire worlds more elaborate than the real one on the internet. This has also given rise to the need for assistants and today we have Artificial Intelligence or AI assistants to help us out in our virtual lives.

While, the internet and the AI are often portrayed as sources for humor and entertainment, they can serve as crucial support systems for one’s exam preparation. As you know, we are no longer dependent on books for exam preparation rather everything we need is present on the internet. Here is how we can use AI assistants to help in our exam preparation:

  1. To schedule and Organize our daily study schedules

Google Assistant and Siri among others, are very adept at managing our calendars. We can use them to schedule our tasks, track our progress and even see how much time we spend on each section of the course. The AI directly saves voice commands to the calendar or any other app that is linked to it for scheduling and time management. This feature also allows us to set targets in our course of study. They can also be used to set reminders for practice tests which one may usually forget or even medicines (remember being healthy is your responsibility during your preparation).


  1. To filter relevant search results

The internet is a vast ocean of information. The AI are invaluable as far as filtering content goes. The AI assistant learns as you use it more and can tailor the content to your needs. This is especially handy when you are preparing for some specific topic. As you will use the assistant the results will be from sites that are more relevant to your requirements. For example, if a civil examination aspirant who has been extensively searching for material to study for the UPSC exams wants to find out the latest answer key, he simply utters the words “answer key”, followed by which Google will automatically know that he wants the latest civil services examination answer key and displays the search result for UPSC 2018 answer key. This shows that Google knows what is relevant and what the intent of the user may be.

  1. To fact check and get quick calculations

Earlier AI assistants used to just bring up website links based on your search query and were fairly simple. Now, they attempt to answer your question directly. Ask Google assistant or Siri for India’s population in 1984. Here is a picture showing you the answer. The weblink will follow after that. In this way, if you need to do any quick fact check you can directly ask the assistant using voice command and have your answer confirmed.


Similarly, if you want to do a quick calculation check using your assistant. This need not be just simple mathematical functions, but complex calculations as well as conversions. Need to convert billions to crores, just ask your virtual assistant. While preparing for government job exams, there conversions come in handy for it is understandably hard when one has to deal with figures in different units for international and national values.

  1. To filter mail for preparation related content

This is another wonderful feature of using AI assistants. We know that as aspirants you may have signed up for several newsletters from various news websites, coaching institutions and other relevant blogs or feeds. It becomes quite hard to navigate your mail for the good content as more than half of the emails are usually promotional offers and advertisements. Your AI can do the job of filtering this content. Just instruct it to use a filter to pick up mail with key words such as ‘current affairs’ or ‘test results’ to get notifications for meaningful emails directly. This will help save a lot of time in your preparation.

  1. To notify you on important days and dates such as national holidays

We love this feature of the AI assistant. A lot of exams (like UPSC, SSC, Bank PO, etc.)tend to ask you about important days and dates like say World Environment Day or World AIDS Day. Now, all of us usually have a list of such days prepared for revision a day before the exam however, the AI assistant can come in useful in this respect. It tends to notify us on any important occasion or celebration of the country or the world. Many a times supporting articles on relevance of the day are also mentioned. This allows you to stay abreast of all such events regularly.

Thus, the AI assistant is a true sidekick in our exam preparation and we hope that you utilize it to the fullest to meet your goals.

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