How can Mark Twain help you blog better?


Well, I know my blog is being under a domain “Techno and Tactics” and my title of this post is a bit out of line at the very first glance but when you’ll proceed further with a read you’ll be able to clear out the picture soon.

Before I start my insights on a typical genre of “Writing”, let me brief out of what I am going to tell you. Since the day we have entered in this potent world of blogging we have been nurtured through a slogan “Content is King” and there are hell lot of articles occupying the space on the Google servers and harassing the spiders and bots to constantly crawl the stuffs, isn’t it? Sometimes I really feel pity about these bots – “Poor Spiders”…!! Jokes apart, down the line I was into a deep level of analysis and was just doing a mere time-pass to rejuvenate my thoughts reading Mark Twain’s blockbuster novel “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and I thought to help my writing with Mark Twain’s visions and insights about writing. To be frank I have read this novel for more than 50 times, so there is definitely something which is pulling me with a magnitude of force higher than Gravitation.

So, are you still reading? Yes? Cool ..!!!!

So, how Mark Twain can help you blog in an adventurous and awesome way?

Here’s the answer(s):

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

It is so tough to imagine an ideal life for a blogger, isn’t it? I mean just look at you style of working, you wake up, brush your teeth along with switching ON your processor to have a glance over that few inches screen cum idiot box. You check your mails, open your dashboards, approve comments, leave replies, social updates and so on….!!! (OMG… even I didn’t knew I was also doing these things till now.. Haha). Tormenting through this monotonous practice we never ever make any attempt to go beyond it. We often complain at times that we do not get any topics to write upon and that is because we do not change our environment. Yes, it is very important to try out new things because creativity plunges only when dimensions vary. All work and no play indeed make jack (blogger) a dull boy (blogger). Just go out and peep beyond the things to get more rejuvenating and fresh ideas for adding creativity to your writing. Hang out with good friends, reading good books or say articles and your conscience on the path of peace is required to be an ideal blogger. Among them books are regarded as one of the best friends of humans. They never betray you and increases and boost your potential to write, write in a creative way.

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.

We all want to be successful as bloggers infact great bloggers. We always thrive to become like “Mashable” and “TechChrunch” and move ahead of them. But in the path of becoming so, we are encountered by so many hurdles. There are critics who are waiting to strike with their weapons on you, there are competitors all around you, and innovation mustn’t be monotonous and so on. Here Mark Twain talks about two things of which human psychology can be easily haunted upon. Talking about ignorance than to say it in one line, ignorance is the path to succeed. It is very well said that a wise man knows what to oversee.  One must be decisive enough in ignoring the wrong notions or any unwanted advices that can lower your efficiency and thereby you blog. You can easily democratize your excellence and thus success when you know WHAT/WHOM TO IGNORE? And how to simultaneously move in a direction which you believe to be correct one. Sometimes you’ll find that your decision is the only one standing away from others or sometimes against all others and that is when you are been tested of how far you can go along the way. Ignorance and confidence will decide the life-line of your blog. Because these are the key factors which can lead your blog and write-up to an excellence and can even demolish your blog within no time.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

It is very well said that business requires risks to be taken. In my career of 1.5 years of blogging, I have experienced that even this field also requires risks to be taken. Whenever there is a new idea, we must sow that seed of idea and must take required and risky steps to get the results. If we want to lead, we must be able to start. Until and unless we try we can’t even figure out that how hypothetical your idea can be. Blogging is a try and error based things. You can’t understand the psychology of your niche so easily and thus to verify them you need to start. This process can give you results instantly or even can consume a longer time. Blogging is all about being brave. You can filter out the unwanted stuffs only when you have at least tried out once. You can and will get failures into your way but that is no excuse to stop working or trying. Remember, the probability of success is equal as that of a failure. So, you can’t stash away your efforts and excuse your failures by saying that I always get failures more than that of success.

Your insights for the same.

I will gain confidence and will come to know my flaws if you’ll input your thoughts for the same.

Charmie Prajapati

I am Charmie Prajapati, co-founder of Movzio. I am an android developer, Phonegap app builder and is currently polishing my skills for the same. I am an avid reader. An entrepreneur. A consistent thinker. An optimist. An introvert. I can help you run a better blog with each day. Add me on

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12 Responses

  1. I agree with you all the points you mentioned, In fact what Mark said. Ignorance is good if you know what to ignore and what not to. Confidence is one thing that can take you to a high level but yes confidence should always be just confidence, not overconfidence.

    Getting started is one thing that people always struggle. Yes! There are a lot of people who plan a lot of things but they hardly give start to few of them.

    Good piece of writing Charmie.

    • Hello Atish,
      Glad to see here acknowledging my writeup. Definitely there is a very thin line in between confidence and over confidence and need to take care that we do not cross that line.
      Thank you for your valuable insights.

  2. Vicky says:

    Nice case study of mark twin and I guess we can learn lot of things from him and implement the same on our blogs.

  3. Really this post inspired me a lot. I made many blunder mistakes in my career which also includes selling my blog because of ignorance. Now im on my way to blogging with new site so that i can reach the stats of my previous site. This article filled with a lot of positive vibes.

  4. Mark Twain was great American author still Mark Twain is alive for his quotes. Mark Twain’s quotes are really inspirational & I think he quotes are so strong to make a person full of desire & passion !

  5. You have precisely shared the ideas of Mark Twain. I am one of the reader of his books and “Roughing it” and ” Life in Mississippi” appeal to me most.
    Ya ignorance and confidence are the major tools to focus on write things. Don’t get wrapped on unnecessary things and be confident on your decisions.

  6. Vijesh says:

    Wow Charmie,
    You have a humorous way of writing your posts with the exact message embedded in between. So you choose monday morning hero Mark Twain to write this post. What you said is true we all want to be great bloggers like Mashable and Techcrunch, indeed we all know they are great panel of writers and team working behind those blogs but fact is initially those blogs too were run single handed. Nice post Charmie, BTW like your tweaked quote on making jack a dull blogger.

  7. Really inspiring words Charmie. We can learn a lot from it (though I know I won’t). However, never thought of a connection between Mark Twain and Blogging. He’d be blessing you from the heaven (or hell, you never know). Lolz!

  8. Samir says:


    Well start point is the most important thing for every work we do or any thing so we gonna need to be very specific and motivated on the work we do.


  9. Wow… Excellent post and you have a unique style of writing. Keep posting.

  10. Charmie,

    Very creative title for your post.

    If we don’t get outside of our normal day-to-day box of activities, it sure is easy to be left staring at the ceiling, wondering… “What in the world should I write about?” I usually jot down ideas, and keep them in a folder. But when I’m writing something, I’ve got to really feel it to post it.


  11. Nimesh says:

    great article, Ignorance and confidence are two key factors in life, one should have confidence to do things. Loved to read

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