[How To] Add Search Internet Link in Windows 7 Start Menu


Hello Friends Today I am Posting and interesting  Registry  Tweak  How To  Add Search Internet Link in Windows 7 Start Menu. Just Fallow This Simple Registry  Tweak. Lats Do this!

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Follow This Easy Steps:

Step:1 Open Registry Editor (just press WIN+R and type “regedit”)

Step:2 Then Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsExplorer and Right Click and go to New and Create new “Shell Key”

Step: 3 Rename This Shall Key to “Explorer” And Create New DWORD (32) Bit Value If you have 64 bit Windows operating System So Simple Create QWORD (64) Bit Value But 32Bit DWORD may work on a 64bit PC  Just try This……

Step: 4 Now create a new DWORD (32) Value and Rename it as “AddSearchInternetLinkInStartMenu” and double click on the new DWORD (32) Value and Change the value from 0 to 1.

Step: 7 That is Done Now Restart your PC or Restart the Explorer.exe process from the Task Manager and Search from the Start Menu. Enjoy!!!!

Very Easiest Way to Add Search Internet Link in Windows 7 Start Menu

Just Download This Add Search Internet Link in Windows 7 Start Menu.zip and open This Zip File And Double Click on Add_Start_Menu_Search_Internet.reg File and Click  Yes option and Done! Enjoy!!:)


Hope you Like This Post Share your comments about this Awesome Registry tweak :).


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