How to conduct a useful interview?

How to conduct a useful interview featured

So you are one of those bloggers who has just started out. You are reaching out to everyone in the blogosphere and trying to get interviews of established bloggers and industry experts. You are searching for SEO experts, digital marketing gurus, people who earn too much, people who write good. Almost everyone and everything. What we don’t realize in all this is that the quality of questions asked also matters a lot. You can’t go on and ask SEO related questions to a referral marketing specialist, I hope you get the essence of this example. So how to conduct a useful interview? Let me answer this step by step, point by point.

How to conduct a useful interview : The right context, and the right person.

If you run a design related blog then publishing an interview of a digital marketing expert will not only piss off your regular readers but the new visitors also would be baffled at once as to what the site is really all about.
So context matters, a lot.
Find the genuine experts in your niche, contact them for interviews. Also what is to be kept in mind is that the person should be right.
By right I mean that is the person updated with the latest industry trends. Is he/she at the cream of his niche. Do they really have a good following so that you may benefit from interviewing them.
Once all these questions are asked, it’s the time to approach them. Now you don’t want to come across as a hag who just wants to bug them at some inappropriate time of the day. Send a proper mail or message stating who you are, what all you have done by now and why you would like to interview them. Get this done right and half the battle is already won.

How to conduct a useful interview : The right questions.

How to conduct a useful interview ask good questions

How to conduct a useful interview : Ask good questions!

Asking the right questions is essential to have a successful interview. Never repeat the general questions like what do you like to do, or what are your hobbies. Stuff like that has gone out of fashion since you left high school.
Now what we are trying to get at here is a more balanced approach i.e. a little bit of casual conversation mixed in with questions related to industry.

You can start by asking about the person and what do they do. Then you can ask how they got into their line of work.
You can ask questions like, “What do you like about your work?” Or you can ask “How can new people joining this industry become better?”
Asking meaningful questions would get you meaningful replies. After all a question asked well is already half solved.

By realizing that the person you are interviewing is also a human being you can tap into their inherent thoughts, desires and motivation. Once you know how to do so, the interview becomes more engaging both for the person being interviewed and the reader.

So I hope that you know now how to conduct a useful interview! Your awesome replies and comments are something I look forward to.
Got a point to add to this article, then do comment.

“Ask and ye shall be answered!”


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  1. Hey Aditya, quite helpful post. I was thinking of having an interview of an expert, so this article’s a blessing for me. Thanks.

  2. Well I was just trying to jump into the interview series and I must say these tips are very useful to start them on blog.

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  5. Interviews can be really beneficial to share lot of things about the successful bloggers and also we can reach out to more readers easily.


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