How to Determine Authenticity of an E-Commerce Website?


With the Indian online retail story booming, it seems every day a new e-commerce portal is setting up shop. With so many online retailers offering the same products, it becomes hard for customers to choose the right portal for their shopping needs. The concerns regarding online shopping and making online transactions stem out from a few bad apples, who scam people through different ways – delivering defective/ unoriginal products, stealing credit card and other financial details, not sending products at all after payments etc. Just like there are few bad apples in every industry, online retail also has its fair share but you can always make sure if an e-commerce website is authentic or not before buying from them. There are many ways through which you can be sure about the authenticity of a website before making a purchase online, let us tell you how –


No, we are not talking about the reviews and testimonials, which are found solely on the website but instead the reviews that you find in other parts of the World Wide Web regarding the website. There are many ‘review’ websites on which customers who have previously bought products from an e-commerce website share their experience and register their complaints. By visiting any of the review websites and going through the ‘original’ customer reviews you can easily determine the authenticity of the website and can make an informed decision regarding whether to buy from the site or not. The reason for using the word ‘original’ in the previous line is because a lot of websites also post fake reviews praising their products or services hence a customer is advised to read reviews from as many different sources as possible.

SSL Certification:

An authentic and serious e-commerce player will always have an SSL certification. The SSL encryption keeps all your financial information like credit card details etc. safe while making an online purchase. The websites which use SSL encryption generally have a high level of trust and credibility among customers. As an online shopper, if an e-commerce website uses the SSL encryption (you can identify this with symbols like ‘Verisign Secured’) you can be sure that your financial details will remain safe and can’t be misused.

Address & Contact Information:

An authentic e-commerce website will always provide its customers the information and details of how they can reach it. Normally you can find – customer support numbers, e-mail information, and office address of an e-commerce website on its ‘support’ page. A scam business will generally not share its contact information with the customers. You can check the authenticity of a website before buying by calling on the numbers mentioned or sending an e-mail to a company representative.


An authentic e-commerce portal will always mention its policies clearly to its customers. Before making a buying decision, it will be better if you spend some time going through the policies of the e-commerce websites regarding shipping, payments, returns, refund, exchanges. Some websites also provide guarantee on authenticity of the products sold by them or sold by the sellers listed on the website.

So, now onwards before plunging into the temptations of the offers and clothings over e-commercial sites first make sure of its authenticity and then proceed further to buy your stuffs from there.

Be a smart shopper.

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  1. Good points about SSl certified sites. These points may also help to avoid untrusted sites.
    Thanks to Glade us.

  2. Thanks for enlightening us Security issues of E-commerce and SSI. It was very helpful. Very happy to see a post finally on these concepts.

  3. Good points which are need to check wether they are buying from a genuine site or fake ones. Yeah the people who are serious in these type of bussiness surely deploy ssl on their sites and you can trust them.

  4. arjun says:

    SSL certificate alone cannot determine a sites authenticity however it is one of the key factors in knowing whether a site is genuine

  5. With the exponential growth of Online business,lot of e commerce websites have come up..There are popular websites like – flipkart we know about but there are huge number whom we do not know about and it may be dangerous to do transactions on these websites…Your article has dealt with this topic very well….

  6. Nicole says:

    Great Article Charmie, thanks for sharing it.

  7. Betty Rose says:

    I really love your article, thanks for the information.

    Keep writing.

  8. Well yes, reviews are the first thing which determine the authenticity of an e -commerce site and I think you’ve shared some important points to check it.


  9. mayank says:

    Hey, I am new to this blog….
    This was just an awesome post and the whole content is much better than the other websites around.
    Keep posting cool stuff like this so that readers like me get something really informative on the web.
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