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How to Find Facebook Relationship Status of All Your Facebook Friends


Relation Book  is a simple way of watching all your Facebook Buddy’s Relationships, on one page, at the same time. Simply click the ‘Get Started‘ option to hook up your Facebook account and to access the Relationship Book Dash panel.

Relation Book allows you find out all your dedicated buddies, involved and couple buddies, divided, and of course about the permanently alone ones! in other terms those who are still individual and willing to associate, or just to find who among your buddies are individual so that you can do the important work!

You can Manage your buddies by sex, connection position and search for specific buddies by name. Every information and name is a link making it easy to get around to your buddies information or their second half’s information. The connection position are shown with different vibrant symbol for each connection. This site may give you some surprising news about your buddies about their connections which we probably just didn’t realized due to your active lifestyle. So whom you’re awaiting ? Go and find out your buddy’s social connection



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