[How to] Install Windows 7 from USB Pen Drive

[How to] Install Windows 7 from USB Pen Drive
[How to] Install Windows 7 from USB Pen Drive
[How to] Install Windows 7 from USB Pen Drive

[How to] Install Windows 7 from USB Pen Drive

Somtime we install Windows 7 from DVD Drives. But sometime when DVD drive not work. So We have to use USB Pendrive to install Windows 7 install Windows 7 in netbooks, we compulsory have to install from USB because there are no DVD drives in it. installation from USB Pendrive is quicker than visual generate installation.



  • Windows 7 DVD or ISO image
  • 4GB or Higher Size  USB Pen Drive
  • USB boot enabled


Step 1: Download Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.

Step 2: Install This Tool

Step 3:  Click on Browse Button  shown in Image and Select Windows 7 ISO Image.

Step 4:Then Click Next

Step 5: Click USB Device Button

Your Bootable USB Pen Drive with the Windows 7 Installation is ready to use. you can use your USB PenDrive as a Windows 7 DVD.
At installation moment you have to select boot from USB device option in the BIOS (This can be done when PC is starting , by pressing This key F2/F1/F10/F8/F12 , DELETE or Del key).

Then install Windows 7 as you install Normally.

You Can Make Bootable Pen Drive With Command Prompt:

xcopy x:*.*  /s/e/f  y: and press Enter, it will start copying Windows files to flash drive in bootable formet

Here X=letter for mounted drive 
           Y=your Pen Drive



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