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[How To] Run C++ and C Language Full Screen Mode In Windows 7 (32bit)


This is a Very big Question for those who are still using Turbo C++ and C  language  Edition 3.0 in Windows 7. Everyone knows that Complete Display is not Not enable  with the version 3.0 in Windows 7. it is absurd to perform in the little display where I think no one can ever think about composing a system there. This remedy will help all the C, C++ students using TC++ 3.0 in Windows 7
This is a easy strategy. Just adhere to the easy 3 actions given below and get in big display in few Seconds.

Follow These Few Steps:

Step 1: Open C++/C  [Default PathC:TCBINTC.EXE]. In the startup it will show a dialogue box that it doesn’t support full screen mode .  select ignore option. it will be open small screen mode.

Step 2: Go to the left of the window and click Properties from the menu Option.

Step 3: Now it will show the Properties window, in which you select the Font tab. You select Lucida 
Console and select the size from the size list as 28 or 32.

Step 4: After selecting the fonts, now you have to select the layout tab where you can see screen Now
make the following changes:

Screen Buffer Size: Width: 85 Height: 26

Window Size: Width: 82 Height: 30

Window Position: Left: -4 Top: -4

Note: This is My Computer Screen Sizes.You can always use your own Size Options you want need.

After making the changes select OK.

Now Done! Enjoy 🙂


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