HTML5 Infographic : History of HTML5

The Historyo f HTML5

History of HTML5 [Infographic]

In November 2011, Adobe announced it would stop development of Flash for mobile browsers. While HTML5 was gradually creeping into the web at large, this marked a turning point for the standard, and it only accelerated from there. This  Timeline  is created by .
HTML5 is the best HTML version yet.

HTML was developed by the W3C until 2004, when members of the HTML working group grew disturbed with the direction the W3C was going with HTML. They felt that the W3C was not paying enough attention to the real-world development needs of the language and focusing too much on XML and XHTML. So they formed a new group called WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) devoted to evolving the Web. They started by working on a new specification of HTML – HTML5.

History of HTML5

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