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Amazing Facts About Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple..!!

ohI didn’t know that..!!!

Hello again..!!! I am back again…!!! So what’s up guys and girls… Busy winning and collecting the points for the GIVEAWAYS or what? 😛 If yes then All The Best and If NO, then grab such giveaways soon…!! 😛

Well today I am going to spice up my content by pushing into some real facts about the multinationals booming into the market. I assure you that during your read for my article, you’ll definitely experience some jaw-dropping, off-beat facts.

So get ready for 10 such “Oh My God.. I didn’t know that!!” expressions..!!

Amazing Fact: #1

How many of them have noticed the GOOGLE’s HOME PAGE with some different angle? I mean have you ever wondered and noticed the simplicity of this page? 😛 I mean the fact about the GOOGLE PAGE acting and being so simple and plain is because of the fact that the founders didn’t know HTML and just wanted a quick interface. ( Seriously man..!! 😛 )

Amazing Fact: #2

Few days back my family including me was in a dilemma of what name we must keep for my 1 month old niece and I accidentally said “GOOGLE” and we were all bursting out in laughter. Well jokes apart, do you know the name search engine “GOOGLE” which is right now taking the world in an epidemic was more of a accident than an intention  The name “GOOGLE” is actually a spelling mistake made by its originators thinking that they were going with ‘GOOGOL’..!!

Amazing Fact: #3

What if the FACEBOOK was declared as a country?? I mean the rate of fame with which this black-hole “SOCIAL WEB NETWORK” is attracting everyone is just amazing. A fact reveals that if Facebook were a country, it would be the fifth-largest country in the world, after China, India the U.S., and Indonesia. So do not get confused or shocked if you soon find a new addition into our WORLD’s MAP with a country named “FACEBOOK”…!! 😛

Amazing Fact: #4

We often wonder that what is the cause of “DIVORCE”?? I know, I know that right now you all might be giving me an expression leading your face to be in total different orientation that “What are you asking dumb, but obviously its marriage..!!”. But dear all, you know “A third of all divorce filings in 2011 contained the word “FACE-BOOK”..!! 😛 The irony is that “We think that Face-Book joints people through socialization but never imagined that it can break too”.

Amazing Fact:#5

We all know it very well that its so damn easy to find friends on facebook..!! But guess what its so easy to find the MARK ZUKERBERG on face-book, I mean its like adding just the number 4 to the end of Facebook’s URL, and lo-and-behold you’ll be redirected automatically to MARK’s WALL..!!

Amazing Fact: #6

It is said and believed that products made by Apple do not have a direct OFF switch and the reason behind this thing says that Steve Jobs was very much scared of death. He used to be baffled by the idea itself that once you press the SWITCH OFF, everything stops..!! THE END kinda thing..!! J

Amazing Fact: #7

Two Multinationals, two GIANTS, two strong competitors named MICROSOFT and APPLE..!! Can you imagine the word HELP from such a scenario from any of these two? If you can’t then you will start believing after reading this one. Bill Gates helped save Apple from Bankruptcy!

Amazing Fact:#8

This fact is a yummy one for me which “yumminofies” me by saying that “Microsoft Celebrates Anniversaries with M&Ms”. 😛

Each and every company has got their own trademark way to celebrate, and Microsoft is no exception. It’s a tradition for Softies (or what we know as software engineers) there to celebrate their yearly employment anniversaries with candy, and more specifically M&Ms.

Amazing Fact: #9

Microsoft is famous for testing its “would-be” candidates “STRANGE” questions during recruitment..!!

Well guys, are you planning to give an interview in Microsoft?? If yes, then congratulations to you first of all. But hey, if you are thinking and preparing yourself to encounter the questions by MICROSOFT’s HR batch like “Where do you see yourself in the coming 5 years?” OR “What and how will you serve our company?” then let me tell you that it’s all in vain. I mean, this company is very popular for asking off-beat and off-the-wall questions to its employees…!! Say for example one of the candidate was asked that “Why is a manhole cover round?” Or in-fact something like this “Design a coffee maker that will be used by astronauts.”:P

Amazing Fact: #10

Yes..!! Yes..!! Finally I got the answer of my query.!! Since long I was been pricked by my mind that “What’s the reason behind keeping the color of face-book as blue only and I think this is the only possible reason for it that “Zuckerberg is colour blind – he can’t see red and green, but can see blue best””..!! 😛 Caught you ZUCK..!! 😛

I hope by the end of this 10th one you might have enjoyed with some real jaw-dropping moments..!! If you have such stuff or any more moments, talks or buzz like these, do share with us and our readers too..!! 🙂

I am waiting eagerly..!!!

Stay hungry, Stay Foolish..!! (Mind you not the book..!!) 😛



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  1. Nishant

    Now this is what interests me the most

    What if the FACEBOOK was declared as a country?? I mean the rate of fame with which this black-hole “SOCIAL WEB NETWORK” is attracting everyone is just amazing. A fact reveals that if Facebook were a country, it would be the fifth-largest country in the world, after China, India the U.S., and Indonesia. So do not get confused or shocked if you soon find a new addition into our WORLD’s MAP with a country named “FACEBOOK”…!!

    at least the crime rate in that country would be lesser than that of the real ones 😀

    • Charmie

      Hey Nishant,
      Seriously buddy, you are absolutely right that if that will happen ever, it will revolutionize many things on one stroke 😛

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts..!! 😉

  2. Swet Nath

    Hey Charmie, Before I have gone through your previous article- ‘ iMac – An eye turning “i* “, and it was also nice. Loved your way of explaining the facts and sharing them with us.
    Facts are really amazing and interesting too. There is a popular saying that excess of everything is bad and of coarse there are unlimited benefits of social media, but the thing is that we have to know how to handle or manage them.

    • charmie

      Hey Swet,
      Thank you so much for coming back again to read my other article. I am glad that you liked my articles..!! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here and dropping your acknowledgements. 🙂
      Keep visiting..!! 🙂


  3. Neamat Tawadrous

    Hi Charmie,

    Indeed, interesting and jaw-dropping facts!

    Tell me Charmie, what did you name your niece after all that dilemma? LOL!

    Thanks for sharing those amazing facts with us!

    Be Blessed,


    • charmie

      Hello there again ma’am,
      Hehe, I named my niece “PARSHVI” 😛 lol 🙂 Thank you so much for concerning me for the name..!! Thank you so much for passing by here..!! 🙂

      Keep visiting and blessing..!!
      Charmie 🙂

    • charmie

      Hey Jignesh,
      Glad to get inputs from you. Yes definitely, I surfed for 5 hours to get and pick out the best and enchanting facts..!! 🙂 😛
      Keep Visiting, stay updated…!!

      Charmie 🙂

  4. Mayura

    Hi Charmie,

    Very interesting post up here, of course with jaw-dropping facts 😉 lol…

    I’m quite familiar with some facts already but had no idea that Google founders were not knowing HTML at that time 😉 Seriously?! I hope they do some now.

    Anyway it’s interesting indeed as if they were waiting to learn HTML, Google wouldn’t be here 😉 Doers all the way.


    • Charmie

      Hey Mayura,
      Glad to find here on our blog. Yea I was equally stunned by reading the same fact that the GOOGLE people didn’t knew HTML :P.
      Ne-ways Thank you so much for your complements. Keep Visiting. 😉


  5. Mujtaba P

    Very interesting and funny facts, heard for the first time xcept that facebook will be declared as a country,
    Thanks for sharing! 😀

    • Charmie

      Hey Mujtaba,

      Glad to get your acknowledgements. 🙂 And yea we all are excited to find out the FACEBOOK giant in the form of a country soon. 😛

      Thanks a lot for this visit on our blog. Stay updated. Be blessed. Keep Rocking. 😉


  6. Robin J Emdon

    A third of divorce filings contained the word ‘Facebook’ – wow! So not surprised!

    Nevertheless… still a stunning fact!

    Thanks for a great article. Loved it! 🙂


  7. Charmie

    Thank you so much Ambika for sparing time to read the article and leaving behind such beautiful comments.

    Stay updated. Keep Visiting. Stay Rocking. 😉

    Charmie 🙂

  8. Charmie

    Dear Abid,
    Glad to know that you got to know something knew through my article.
    Hope to see you again on my blog.
    Stay Updated. 🙂

    Charmie 😉 😛

    • Charmie

      I really appreciate your habit of reading facts. I’ll be glad to get your inputs too from your collection of such OMG facts.
      Thank you so much for your feedback. 🙂

      Stay connected. Stay wise. Keep sharing. 🙂

      Stay hungry, stay foolish. 🙂 😉

  9. Ryan Biddulph

    Simple works SO well Charmie, this is why Google is a champion of search engines.

    Other than the little creative nuances here and there, the company maintains a clean, simple design totally pleasing to the eye.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Charmie

      Hey Ryan,

      I second your words. The more the simpler is the design, more is the soberness and ultimately leading it to be more user friendly. 🙂 Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful views. 🙂

      Stay connected

    • Brad Fact

      I agree. The fact that google to this day have a clean home page is remarkable considering the look of a Bing, Yahoo, or Facebook. They do what they do best and keep it simple. When you think about how many different products Google has to manage and the fact that so many of them work flawlessly….it really is an amazing fact by itself.

  10. Suresh Khanal

    Each one is amazing, truly amazing facts. It is more amazing that Facebook is the reason of one third divorces!

    Most probable a person is completely different from inside (what he/she is) and outside (what he/she wants to portray). We tend to take a person as he/she is portraying but once the inner-self is revealed, the relationship must certainly be different. So, if the divorces are due to this fact, rather than Facebook? Probably Facebook helped to study the another aspect of the person in question?

    • Charmie

      Hey Suresh,
      Your point left me in the mode of thinking. You are so very right that facebook has helped us in the other way out.
      Thank you so much for extending your thoughts with us. 🙂
      Glad to get them. 🙂


    • Charmie

      Hello ma’am,
      Glad to see you here once again. Thank you so much for sparing your time to read and thank you so much for your complements. 🙂

      Keep blessing

  11. Shameem

    Hey Charmie,

    Really amazing fact i would also agree that interview question from Microsoft are smart one and fact about Google owner which makes me to think how he cleverly created the page but he done a smart move.Many new facts just come to know by this post thanks for it 🙂

    • Charmie

      Hey Shameem,
      I agree with your definite points about google. They have indeed made a drift move through their smart work.
      Thank you so much for being here and thank you loads for your complements.

      Charmie 🙂

    • Charmie

      Hey Nwosu,

      Thank you so much for liking my article and spending time to read it leaving behind such a great complement.
      Feeling very satisfied and glad.
      Keep visiting.

      Charmie 🙂

    • Charmie Prajapati

      Hey Jophin,

      Feeling joyous and glad to get your reply. Thank you so much for your complements. 🙂


  12. Charmie

    Wohoooo Ako …… that sounds a cool one haan..!! 😛 I’ll try to do this first. Thank you so much for being here and sharing such a new fact with us. Thank you so much. 🙂

    Stay updated. Stay connected. 🙂

  13. Aqib Shahzad

    Glad to find the more valuable stuff about these top 4 giants. Google is always the champion and will be in future also.

    • Charmie Prajapati

      Yes aqib, Google is always rocking and will always be along with the other three giants I have mentioned.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by. 🙂

  14. Niraj Bhusal

    Hello!! Charmie Prajapati
    Really nice collection about 4 big Giants, i think this is a result of a hardwork done by you and for this i want to thank you alot. Anyway Microsoft is the best of all for me.
    Finally I respest you for your hard work!!!

  15. Mikel

    Hello Charmie Prajapati,

    Really amazing facts about Google, am wondering while reading your article. Its fantastic and also bookmarked your article for refer my friends..Please update more articles, its very interesting..

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