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How to install WordPress on localhost using Wamp Server (Beginners Guide)

Wamp wordpress

Hello Friends. We Meet after a long time. Today I will show you how to install WordPress on Localhost using Wamp Server. There are many advantages of installing WordPress on localhost. For e.g. you can practice your skills on WordPress File Editing, Import/Export of your Databases,Blogging Practice,Theme Optimization and More! So you Know What is WordPress and Wamp Server?? Don’t Know! No Pro!  Don’t Worry. I will Show you What is WordPress and Wamp Server.

What is WordPress??

WordPress is a 100% free 😛 and open source blog Software and a Content Management System (CMS) depending on PHP and MySQL. It has Many Functions along with a plug-in Structure and a Design program and Theme option.  WordPress is currently the most well-known Blogging Platform on the Web.

What is Wamp Server??

Wamp Server is a Windows based web development environment. WAMP means established from the name of the Windows operating Systems and other package are: Apache, MySQL and PHP. Apache is a web hosting server. MySQL is an open-source data Software. PHP is Most Well Known Scripting language. which is allows to operate information organised in a database Software.Other applications may also be involved in a wamp Server such as phpMyAdmin which provides a gui for the MySQL database Software.

Requirement For Installing WordPress:

Step 1: Install WampServer on your Computer Then Double click on WampServer.

Step 2: open your Browser and go to http://localhost/ and Click PhpMyAdmin. (Click to Enlarge Image)


Step 3: After open PhpMyAdmin Then Create Your Database For Wordpraess Installation.

Database 1

Step 4: After Create a Database Then Simply go to this Location “C:wampwww”  Now extract the WordPress.zip File and Copy all the files and folders and Paste into  “C:wampwww”

www Folder

Step 5: Open your Browser and Go to “http://localhost/wp-login.php” or “” and click on create a configuration file Button.

wordpress Config File


Step 6: Enter the details For WordPress Installation

  • Database name : Type the Database name you have created in PhpMyAdmin [here it is TechnoTactics]
  • Username : root
  • Password : Leave blank
  • Database host : Keep default [Localhost]
  • Table Prefix : Keep default [wp_]

After Filled up  your Database Details then Click Submit Button and Run the Install.


Step 7: Now Simply give a site Title , Username, Password and Email Address and click on Install WordPress Button.

Site Information

This is it. Everything is ready for a GET, SET and GO..!! Now your WordPress local Site is Installed on your PC! So go ahead and enjoy using WordPress on your PC or Windows  and if you have any queries about wordpress installation , Please feel free to jot down your doubts, errors and suggestions right here on my article! The space is all yours. 🙂

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  1. Kavan Pancholi

    Very nice post buddy..Its a Best way to test and edit wordpress site locally. And you have done a wonderful job for beginners.

    • Mosam Gor

      Hi Atish,

      Thanks For Stopping by and appreciate your Views and Compliments..! yes, we can Edit WordPress Scripts on local host and Practice our Projects and All 🙂
      Keep Visiting and Sharing! 🙂


    • Mosam Gor

      Hi Harleena Ma’am,

      Thank you For your Great Compliment..and This Opportunity too and Yes, This Tutorial is very useful for any newbie blogger or a pro! 😛 Keep Visiting and Sharing your Views!! 🙂


  2. Suresh Khanal

    Having WordPress locally on your computer is really luxury when you are customizing your theme or testing different plugin. Its great that you’ve explained the procedure very vividly and the illustrations are really helpful.

    • Mosam Gor

      Hi Suresh,

      First, Thanks for Stopping By here and Sharing your Views! Yes, You are Right we can Taste and Customizing WordPress Themes and Plugins and More! Keep Visiting and Sharing 🙂


  3. Sapna

    Hi Mosam,

    Great share!

    I feel you have Linux background, am I correct on that?
    The way you have explained the things I’m really impressed.Keep the great work.

    Thanks for the share.


    • Mosam Gor

      Hi Sapna Ma’am

      Yes ma’am Right I have worked with LINUX OS to a great extent and so I am fairly acquainted with it.
      Thanks for Sharing your Nice Thoughts! Keep Visiting and Sharing!! 🙂


  4. Rajesh Chaukwale

    Nice detailed tutorial making it simple for newbies to install WordPress locally. It is a good practice to try changes in WP locally and then transfer them on actual online server.
    Thanks a lot.

  5. shiv

    “http://localhost/wp-login.php ” type this link in url bur it show this msg what is proble and also start wamp servwer

    Not Found

    The requested URL /wp-login.php was not found on this server

  6. Munna

    Thanks for this post. But can You tell me, after installing wordpress according to your method its saying “You dont have permission to access this page” . Do you know show to fix it?

  7. Munna

    It did not happened to me, it happened to my friend. After some digging, I did realized that phpmyadmin files making the error. So I had edited phpmyadmin from C:/wamp/alias folder and changed allow deny allow from all . NOW THE PROBLEM IS FIXED

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