[Infographic] Briefed out: Stats of Social Media and Internet War Reports


It has been hardly a week when the most awaited “THE NEW YEAR” started kick starting many new lives and many new thinkings to reset their goals again and start working. Amidst of all these the past year 2013 has also been not less into the lime-light due to the various events and remarkable moments. Right from the most surfed video to best tweeted tweet to the government and political mass movements into different governments to Miley Cirus’s significant activities, each and every moment were with a blend of different colours and taste.

So, while surfing out the moments of the past year thinking that you might have missed some of them out then here I present two different infographics.

The first infographic is something which will brief out the moments which sparkled in 2013 starting from the January’ 2013 till the end i.e. December’ 2013. First check out that infographic.
The State of Social Media 2013
The State of Social Media 2013 by Infographic Promotion

About the second infographic, it is based on who rules over the internet. The tough war is going on between the different areas of internet like Browser, Mobile vendors, Social media, Operating System and Mobile OS. The below infographic shows an instinct of the amount of market share each one of this holds or has a grip over.

Internet War Report - Infographic
Source: Internet War Report – Infographic

So, after you. What do you think about this infographics?

Charmie Prajapati

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8 Responses

  1. sohail says:

    Hello Charmie,Great post, I’m really amazed to check these shocking infographics of social media and it seems very cool.


  2. hello charmie, interesting infographic. just want to ask. i also found an interesting infographic and i want to use it on my blog. the question is how can i ask a permission to the owner of the infographic?


  3. Hi Charmie,

    Wow! The way numbers change, quickly, is quite amazing when you look at social.

    I just try to engage on G Plus, Twitter and FB, and toss in a little LI action too to balance my game out.

    This keeps me moving with the trends.


  4. Hello Charmie,

    Lovely infographic which provide the all headlines of 2013 in Internet and Mobile World.

    Keep posting!

  5. Samir says:

    Hello Charmie,

    That’s very interesting figures of social media stats and I guess most of people or visitors are from mobile device and it’s the reason for increase in social media development.


  6. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!

  7. Instincts says:

    Hello Charmie,
    This infographics tells lots on social Media of 2013. i also found an interesting infographic and i want to use it on my blog.
    This keeps me moving with the trends.

  8. Lovely Infographics, i would love to get month by month infographics and specially for politics, if you can, i will wait 🙂

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