An interview with Rohit Langde of BlogSolute: A remarkable journey


And its an interview time again with none other than one of the most efficient and prominent bloggers of India- “Rohit Langde of BlogSolute” to share his adventurous journey starting from his career as a mechanical engineer turning out to be a person who not only knows to blog but knows how to share an efficient content over this over-populated blogosphere.

So, let us listen to Rohit Langde himself in his own way.

Charmie: Well, your profile seems to be pretty interesting and paradoxical too. How a boy learning “How machines operate” turned his interest by 180 degree shift into something called “How internet works”?

Rohit Langde: Well, I am not Mechanical Engineer by choice but due to circumstances. Even though, I was interested in Computers and Technology, my parents pushed me to pursue it. But they too didn’t have a choice. Coming from a Lower middle class family, they expected from me to get a job as soon as possible. And it was believed (quite true) that it is easier to get a job on the basis of Mechanical Diploma instead of any other.

So, there was no point of turning interest as there was already inclination towards Internet technology even before we had Computer at home or joining Machine field.

 Mosam: As you are a mechanical engineering student with a Master’s degree. How did you managed to grasp this binary world of zeros and ones?

Rohit Langde: It’s a matter of sheer interest. Passion and curiosity makes one self-learner making it easier than ever to grasp almost anything.

 I have never let my Schooling interfere with my Education. ~ Mark Twain

In early days, it was difficult to play these two different roles (Pro Blogger online and Student offline) and manage things but eventually figured out priorities to make things happen.

Charmie: According to Rohit what does these terms mean:

Rohit Langde:

Passion: Energy. It comes when you are being your authentic self and doing what comes naturally to you.
Change: Something required to bring goals into reality.
Dreams: Mental image of the goals.
Excellence: Self Satisfaction when you did better than previous work.
Money: Medium but not the ultimate Goal.
Time: Invaluable asset.

Mosam: What would you like to comment upon the current hype going on in the blogosphere i.e. the rate of birth of new blogs in India is at a peak level.

Rohit Langde: Since the introduction of Broadband and Mobile revolution in India, there has been exponential growth in number of Internet consumers and as a results these Blogs.

Another reason which I noticed behind the birth of so many blogs is the inspiration from successful early adopters or first generation bloggers. Some bloggers cum Internet marketers create false image of quick rich scheme via blogging which in turn results in more blind followers and more crap.

In short,this is resulting from the thought that Blogging is a money minting tool. There is actually nothing wrong in thinking so because even I am earning living on it but basic ethics have to be followed. As I said, Blogging is a knowledge sharing platform, value has to be given to reader in return to economic reward you are getting through monetization.

Charmie: Failures are a key to success. Which are those failures in your life which shifted your origins and way to blog as a whole and which you think played a key role in pushing you to the position where you are right now?

Rohit Langde: Like everyone even I committed mistakes and there was huge setback after Google Panda update in 2011. I call it a failure and do not blame Google but myself.

Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. ~ Albert Einstein

This forced me to analyze what’s wrong and how can Blog get better. In an urge to get rid of Panda, we experimented several techniques in order to please Search engines resulting in self-development.

Not just Blogging but this situation opened doors to other realms of Internet business. Helped me explore new opportunities and learn new things in market. So, wherever we stand now, it is a result of learning from failures and experiences. Still way to go and come across many more failures.

Mosam: How many team members comprise to make “Blogsolute” work in a healthy way and how?

Rohit Langde: Currently, it is just me and Sourojit Nandi.

I am responsible for planning and managing front end of business while he handles backend operations like statistics analysis, SEO, etc.

Charmie: Do you think that an economical catastrophe named “recession” can occur in our blogosphere? Justify it accordingly.

Rohit Langde:

Short answer: No

Long answer: Blogging is a form of media and a knowledge sharing platform, it is a building block of Internet.It is still going through adolescent period.

Consumption of blog content won’t fall down though the forms may change (like vlog or podcast). Monetization ways may have to be changed if at all there is downfall in financial outcomes through blog.

Mosam: Can you give an approximation about how much time a blog can require to reach upto excellence?

Rohit Langde: This totally depends on Blogger’s expectations and definition of ‘Excellence’.For some,this may be total number of loyal readers or subscribers while the amount of dollars earned might be only concern for others. It again varies with the topic of blogging and monetization strategy applied. In any case, minimum 8 to 12 months is a period, blog will take to make its standing.

Actually, an open ended question because answer highly varies owing to its dependence of varied factors out of which dedication and focus plays an important role.

Charmie: What can be the pros and cons of “BEING A DIPLOMAT” in blogging?

Rohit Langde: Being Diplomatic is necessary most of the times as you are dealing with mass of audience. Skillful tactic of convincing the reader with your words and at the same time respecting his opinion is must. 

This do not have any disadvantage as such but sometimes, being Diplomat can result in ineffectiveness of your words. For example, if you are making a controversial post against a popular opinion and have solid reasons to defend, being diplomat will ruin it.

Mosam: How are these three terms “Content”, “SEO” and “Monetization” interlinked in between?

Rohit Langde: All these three terms are interlinked and forms the base for a term called ‘Content Marketing’.

There are a lot of writers who write beautiful words but deploying those words in a strategic way is altogether different thing. And then reaching out to readers/customers using Search Engine to get this content read is different thing. This is followed by getting leads/conversion which is Monetization part.

That’s the best I could try to represent the interlinking. They go hand in hand and should complement each other for effectiveness.

Charmie: “There is a difference between being obsessed and being motivated.” Your views regarding the same.

Rohit Langde: In both cases, there is an overwhelming urge to achieve something. But here, I second your views that “Obsession makes you slave of thoughts while Motivation makes you feel like master”.

I remember, I used to be obsessed about traffic, earnings and ranking which was because of peer pressure from outer world. However, in case of being motivated, thoughts don’t haunt or trouble you. You are less worried but more of confident about achievements. So, motivation is more of inner call.

Mosam: What do you think are the common mistakes made by bloggers which in turn do not give them the desired output? What one must do to overcome the same?

Rohit Langde: I have written an article about it listing mistakes and their corresponding solutions. Click to read 9 mistakes committed by newbie Blogger.

Charmie: Your message to everyone?

Rohit Langde: Last time I checked who uses Search Engines, it was humans.

Blogging is about being real YOU. Writing platform to publish and share in which you are deeply interested in. Something which your audience will feel good to read about and not just to please Search engine spiders.

 So, develop relationship with people by solving their problems and then ask for returns. They will be happy to pay you. Lastly, go through this presentation titled “Earn Traffic without selling your Soul” by Rand Fishkin.

Thank you so much Rohit for being here with us on TechnoTactics. I am pretty much sure its going to inspire so many bloggers and my readers in a way or two.

Charmie Prajapati

I am Charmie Prajapati, co-founder of Movzio. I am an android developer, Phonegap app builder and is currently polishing my skills for the same. I am an avid reader. An entrepreneur. A consistent thinker. An optimist. An introvert. I can help you run a better blog with each day. Add me on

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  1. Emmanuel says:

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    Great Interview I must say! 🙂

  4. People like Rohit Langde are best to get inspiration , They also so that work hard and don’t worry for the result. I also give credit to the interviewer as she has asked the best set of questions.

  5. such an inspirational interview.
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  6. I met this guy at wordcamp baroda he is really awesome and doing great in blogging.. Salute to him…

  7. Hello Charmie,

    Such a Great Inspiration from Rohit Landge .

    By they way i never met him but he is in my facebook friendliest sometime i was talk with him. and asked some tips . he is a good person also .


  8. Mrityunjay says:

    A lot of people are blogging now days, generally for making money online. But is possible to really to become a permanent blogger + full time earning source?
    Well I am trying to do the same stuff but didn’t get any success yet. The above article helped me a lot to learn something new stuffs about professional bloggers.

  9. Imran Yousaf says:

    @CHARMIE Very informative interview….well planned and covering all important questions….Rohit is very right about connection between blogging, monetization. Generating traffic for your blog is not childs’ play now a days…one has to put extra ordinary efforts for making rich content….as far as blog success duration is concerned….it depends upon various elements most importantly the Team Work. If you have team of say 2-3 friends/partners your journey will become more successful and will take lesser time.
    Thanks for such nice interview.

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    This is really an awesome story, thanks for the interview.

    I hope it will help lot of newbies those wanted to start blogging and earn money online from it.

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