What if it was your last day as a blogger on this earth?


Wohoo, I am back! And that too with a very funky and quite a rational question to all of you, especially the bloggers. Today I was with my friends and during a leg-pulling session with one of my friends I was encountered with this question that “What if it was your last day as a blogger on this earth?” “What if I knew that today was the last day of living?” “What will be the last article I would like to jot down before I die?” and similar kind of symphony and rhymes were playing on my mind. So basically I got inspired to write something about the topic mentioned above as the title.

Well, I being a nature lover, an optimist and an avid reader would like to do something usual but in an unusual way. The best thing as a blogger which I can do is leave behind my footprints of experience and thereby leave a legacy that can be cherished throughout our lives.

What would happen to you from a blogger’s perspective if you come to know that today was your last day on this earth? What would be your last article? How will you design that article to optimize your each and every thought as a blogger?


Before I begin to tell you of how am I gonna create a legacy or rather how will I, I will be thanking all those beautiful people in my life who have made me what I am today. Yes, right from my childhood friends to parents to relatives to acquaintances to the well-wishers to the criticizers, I am going to say a very big thank you. Thank you because without those people and the relative experiences surrounding those people I wouldn’t have been able to figure out the right way. It is like to know the right way, it was equally important for me to commit walking over those wrong ways. Failures were a milestone to me and success was a journey.

“We learn from failure, not from success!”
― Bram Stoker, Dracula

I was pre-determined to be a blogger and so I am here writing this thing for you. I never knew that where would my journey end up as a blogger, when I initiated my very first steps into the world of blogging.

Gratitude is the only thing I can give to this world at the moment.


When you have nothing to give to people, what you always knowledge and experience which are the two most valuable things you can ever gift to anyone especially your followers. I will be pouring my each and every failure in the form of learning to all of readers. I will be acknowledging their time by making them know that “Not to repeat those mistakes which I did!”. I will be telling them to do blogging in a way people can be helpful. I will spread a word “do whatever you want to, but mean it and stand by that dream or passion till you die.” Live with a purpose is what I will be wanting as a promise from people, atleast those who admire me.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”
― Socrates

I am kind of the philanthropist, so possibly the last day will be something that I will make a significant move for my country, something that can be counted upon, that can act as a value or as an asset for the system which governs such a huge democracy.

That is all I will do as my part of course. My imagination can be extended upto this level only for the time being.

I am really excited to know your reactions for the same. Comon now, hurry up…!!!



Charmie Prajapati

I am Charmie Prajapati, co-founder of Movzio. I am an android developer, Phonegap app builder and is currently polishing my skills for the same. I am an avid reader. An entrepreneur. A consistent thinker. An optimist. An introvert. I can help you run a better blog with each day. Add me on

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13 Responses

  1. Hey Charmie, this is brilliantly an exotic post. But the question arises that why on the earth would one visit my blog at his last day?! LOL. I have a technology blog. So would one search on Google – ‘How to start a blog’ instead of ‘How to save my life’? 😀 😛

    • First of all thank you so much for quoting this article to be an exotic one. Its not about what people will do for you, its about how you will make your last day count Niladri…!!! 😀
      Thanks and Regards

  2. Well if the last day comes, I’m gonna just want to share all learning and earnings too :D. Well blogging is just passion and part time things for time and I’d focus on other things rather than blogging.


  3. Excellent Post and i think we bloggers dont get the last day on earth. We can start an event niche on that occassion too 😛

  4. Samir says:

    Well suppose its last day of blogging life I think I’m gonna wish to roam all over the world 😀

  5. You just scared me! If in any case it will be my last day as a blogger, I would try all the Google tricks, so as to rank my blog better. 😉

  6. jhoncandy says:

    Hay dear it is an excellent Post and i think we bloggers dont get the last day on earth. Thanks for sharing such kind of information.

    Well done keep it up.

  7. So, you accidentally stumbled upon this article and also found it worth..!!! That’s pretty interesting. Indeed it is a funny scenario but also it will make you think even for a minute. I was even baffled when I questioned the same thing to my ownself..!!!

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