Life after B.Tech

Life After B.Tech

A common question that one often asks himself is what you will do in your life? The country in which we live does not judge the qualification of person by the percentage scored by him but by the pay package he is earning. Intellectual property of a person often stood last and job position and salaries takes the first position in the row. You must have asked yourself after finishing your B.Tech what you will do next. Here are 5 top suggestions that might help you:

Campus Placement:

If you do not want to study more then try to get yourself fitting into the campus selection taking place in your college. Generally in the best B.Tech colleges in Hyderabad, almost all the good companies go for campusing. It is the safest and easiest way to decide in which area you want to built your roots- management, technical or something else.

Opt for M.Tech degree:

If engineering is what you think you are born for then going for M.Tech is the best option. Selecting the right field will permit you to gain expertise in that field. First of all remember that you have to appear for GATE. This exam is conducted on national level by which you can get admission in NIT, IIT or IISC or any other institution.


Were you doing engineering as your parents wanted you to and you have always dreamt of seeing yourself in the perfect tailored suit? Opt for MBA and in case if you think it’s too common then think twice! Without MBA holding managerial position is a tough way to go. Decide in which field you want to do your masters- HR, Finance, Advertisement, Insurance, Digital Marketing etc. you will get many colleges for conducting your MBA. Remember you need to give the examination of CAT first in order to be aspirant for this course. Now there are other examinations too that could help you in entrance in MBA.

Civil Services Planning:

There were times when you dreamt of becoming an IPS or IAS officer but then ignored it as you thought that nut was tough to crack! Try now! It is tough but possible. Prepare for it, believe in yourself and just do it!

Short courses or Certifications:

If you check nicely then you will come across so many diploma and certificate courses after you are done with B.Tech. It is in too much trend too, like- ethical hacking, machine designing, robotics, protocol designing or specific domain diploma course. They help in getting the jobs as it reduces the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge which every company looks forward.

There are many other options where you can prove your expertise like you can do some research, go abroad, become an entrepreneur and so on. Just remember that it is your potential and knowledge which could fit you and don’t leave anything just because you think it’s too mediocre. You are just required to think yourself unique rather than becoming unique! Life is long and simple after B.Tech only if you plan it nicely.

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