Microsoft Windows 8 Available For Pre-Order


Microsoft windows 8 has just revealed the ultimate costs for its future and the so known as most innovative Os Microsoft windows 8. As they have already declared this Managing Program a few months back with its Try out Edition, now we have its last version. Microsoft windows 8 has just declared these days that they have began its Pre-ordering Service in many shops . Yes, pre-ordering of this system has began these days. Microsoft has revealed the whole information on their website.

Microsoft declared the signing up and costs information of Microsoft windows 8 Pro on Oct 12. And it will be launched on Oct 26th, 2012. Check out the facts below and order.

 Windows 8 Pre-order Prices:

These are promotional offers, valid until 31st January, 2013 only.

Windows 8 Pre-orders are available in these stores:

These are the online retailers from where you can quickly order your of the newest Windows 8. One best part about it is that if you have purchased a new PC or a new computer in previous several weeks you will be able to update your OS in just $14.99. 🙂
So,What do you think? Are you going to upgrade or buy to Windows 8? Discuss your Views or thoughts  below in the comment  box. 🙂

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