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Set up free blog wordpress

Hello there, once again we are back with a cheezy monsoon offer related to hosting and WordPress for you all. So let me begin with the same, instead of making you more eager. Lately we published one offer in the form of article regarding the hosting summer bonanza offers and now again we are back with one more with rain showers for all of you.

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We have come across many people who are very good with their writing stuff and also they do blogging on I also believe that is a very good place for beginners. But what if the newbies are seriously looking forward for making a healthy career in the blogosphere and earn Vitamin M in terms of bucks?

I am very well acquainted with the fact that whenever there is something new to start or new field to experiment upon you need to have knowledge about the same. We have been interacting with many newbies up-till now and we found that they are clear about how they are going to put their idea of blogging in between such a stormy competition of blogosphere but end up asking their two major worries which are “The best hosting service” and the other one is very common problem and equally important “Finance”..!! These are the two major problems hampering any of the starters. But hey, this article is not for just finding out the problems but also with a solution of both of the above mentioned major problems.

We are here with a monsoon offer for you all, which says that if you buy the hosting service from us than you will be provided with awesome discounts, moreover we will setup your complete blog on WordPress free of cost. Well listening to this you might be wondering that how these people manage to provide us with a free  setup of our complete WordPress blog ? Are they crazy or what? Then let me make the picture more clear to you that no we are not crazy and are totally conscious of what we are saying. 😛

Migrating from

Moving from Blogspot to WordPress is a little tricky and to be done with carefully . If you make any mistake during this migration, you might lose your posts.

If you are moving from blogger to WordPress, then please contact us at [email protected] so that we can help you with the switching of your Blogspot Blog to WordPress.

After you buy the hosting from the affiliate links provided to you by us we will provide you with the following services:

What are included in this free blog setup service?

• We provide complete WordPress services by setting up personal or professional blogs.
• Installing WordPress CMS.
• Optimize database.
• WordPress themes.
• Search engine friendly design.
• Install eye catching WordPress Theme For FREE.
• Speed up the blog.
• Installing basic WordPress plugins like :-

  1. Comment Luv 
  2. WordPress Seo By Yoast
  3. WordPress Security
  4. Contact Form
  5. Sitemaps Plugin

• Basic SEO like Google authorship for your blog.
• Online Support for 15 days.
• Setting Up Feed-burner.

How to Get Started?

All you need to do is buy any one web host using the our affiliate link you can see below. You can buy web hosting from iPage, Bluehost or  Hostgator. So please fill the form given below.

Oops! We could not locate your form.

In case you have got any query or difficulty, you can contact us through our “contact us” page of the site.

So, grab the best of it i.e. buying the best hosting and getting your wordpress blog getting set-up absolutely for no cost.

Mosam Gor

A tech-blogger. WordPress caprice. Simplistic. A geek. SocialMediaMarketer. Music and Movie freak. Affiliate marketer. Short tempered. Crazy about Gadgets. An Strong experienced in web designing through HTML and CSS.For me free time means playing with WordPress and maintaining my other blogs and websites. I am interested in playing “tabla, djembe & piano”. Add me on Google+

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11 Responses

  1. hello there mosam. i have one blogspot blog which focuses on travel. but i have no plans yet to transfer to wordpress since i am now focusing on my make money online blog and freelance writing. i will bookmark this page for future use

  2. I am in the same boat as Marilyn. 2 blogspot blogs, each focused on growing a home business but right now I am generating Adsense and Ghostwriting revenue through each, and liking my results 😉

    Thanks for sharing, I wil certainly take a deeper look if I decide to migrate down the road.

    Appreciate it Mosam!


  3. Hi Mosam

    A great attempt and I wish you every success.

    Blogspot blogs are often looked down and you can’t prove that you are serous about your blogging, most bloggers are interested to switch to self-hosted WordPress blogging. Your service will be best helpful for them to migrate safe.

  4. shameem says:

    Hey Mosom,
    Great offer for this monsoon helping others and earning really an smart move my best wishes for you to get success and also which help you to gain more followers keep rocking

  5. Will really have to bookmark this page because i am thinking of building a new blog, this offer will make things even easier for me. How long does this offer last?

  6. Thanks mosam…. You’re really helpful 🙂

  7. Hi Mosam,

    Thanks for sharing a great offer.

    I already have a self-hosted WordPress blog and I am doing fine with it but I am sure so many others will make use of your offer.

    Thanks Mosam for your help to the new bloggers. I will be sharing this offer!!

    Be Blessed,


  8. Mosam Gor says:

    Hi Achin,

    No, there is no impacts on search engine ranking in moving from Blogger to WordPress. We transfer whole Blogger Website to WordPress without any Problems 🙂

    Btw.! thanks for letting know your query 😉


  9. zameer says:

    Hi Mosam

    Thanks for sharing a great offer
    I hava also hosted wordpress blog

  10. Hostgator says:

    Mosam which hosting do you think is best from those three?

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