An exclusive interview: Neil Patel – ” I’m kind of a Big Deal “


Once again, TechnoTactics is back with an exclusive interview with none other than the most desired persona Neil Patel, popularly known as the SEO Expert in between bloggers like us, owner of Kissmetrics and CrazyEgg, daily updator of Quick Sprout. He lives and most importantly sustains in the world where the cut throat race in the business world has become more live and aggressive too.

Firstly, a warm welcome on TechnoTactics. We are sure to enjoy your talks, quotes, thinking and most importantly you here. So, let us begin Neil.

Mosam  Gor:

Wikipedia reads “Neil Patel is a Seattle based entrepreneurangel investor, and analytics expert.” about you. We are eager to know the story behind all of these 3 tags used for you.

Neil  Patel:

Not sure… I didn’t create the Wikipedia page. As you know, people create whatever they want. I just see myself as an entrepreneur.

Charmie  Prajapati:

Managing two Giant companies like “Kissmetrics” and “Crazyegg” and above them managing such an active blogging site “Quicksprout”, I mean which “magic-wand” you use to manage them in a quantum of “24 hours”?

Neil  Patel:

There really is no magic wand I just work a lot. I spend a minimum of 9 hours a day 7 days a week on the computer working. I don’t believe in the “get rich quick” philosophies I think working hard and smart will always pay off. And sometimes a little bit of luck.

Mosam  Gor:

The 3 best moments in your business career which you cherish till date.

Neil  Patel:

I loaned money to an investor and the deal ended up going sour. I lost a sizeable chunk of my net worth from that deal. It taught me how to research and analyze my investments before making them. This was a great learning lesson for me and thankfully it happened at an early age which allowed me to bounce right back because I had the energy to do so.

Charmie  Prajapati:

You don’t have to be rich to be happy. The beauty of this quote will be more reflective if you will elaborate in your own words Neil

Neil  Patel:

A lot of people I meet have materialistic things they want to make them happy such as a sports car, a big home, an expensive watch. What I’ve noticed is once people get what they want, they are already looking for something better. There is a quote I love that goes “If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” I try to focus on the things I already have in my life, and I am grateful for them. This way of thinking keeps me from wanting more.

Mosam  Gor:

How is Digital marketing going to shape our future lives?

Neil  Patel:

Digital Marketing is growing so fast it’s hard for people to keep up with. If you think about the dot com boom it was only 12-13 years ago so imagine what it will be like in 12-13 from now. I think television will decrease in popularity while the internet increases. The internet is growing faster than ever and people will always love reading content. With that said, I think digital marketing will be the focal point for SEO and organic traffic generation.

Charmie  Prajapati:

How will you inscribe your emerging journey as a successful entity which started from a 16 year old teenage boy, who always dreamt about being an entrepreneur, belonging to a typical middle class Indian family struggling enough transited into a millionaire?

Neil  Patel:

Honestly I think anyone can do what I did and many can do even more. It’s really about what you’re passion is and how much effort you put into it. A friend of mine went on to be a professional athlete, and another friend of mine is one of the best pianists I’ve ever heard live. I chose entrepreneurship and it became a passion of mine at an early age.

Mosam  Gor:

Top 5 SEO tips you think can revolutionize the way people blog.

Neil  Patel:
  1. Get to know your readers. Find out what kind of questions they would ask, and provide them with answers.
  2. Link to other blog posts within your blog.
  3. Get other people to link to you through guest blogging or asking for a favor.
  4. Always write about relevant content. Stick to what your blog is about.
  5. Use titles that will a) be something your reader would be interested in and b) get organic search traffic
Charmie  Prajapati:

These days Google is changing its criterias and algorithms very frequently. So many updates are observed into this Search Engine. So how can we cope up with the same?

Neil  Patel:

I was asked this question by someone the other day and I think a lot of people are trying to figure out how to keep up with google. Google is a smart company and they will always focus on doing what’s best for their users. My advice is to provide great value and great content, and you will never have issues with google updates.

Mosam  Gor:

Your “About” page on QUICKSPROUT reads that “This meant my sister and I would not live a “rich” lifestyle.” Was this the only carving thought which made you plunge into something called “THE BUSINESS cum COMPETETIVE WORLD” or some pre-planned strategy to make your life more comfortable and lavish?

Neil  Patel:

At the time it was the only thing. Since then I learned that there is a lot more to life and business than money, but at the time I only started as I wanted to be “rich”.

Charmie  Prajapati:

Well, we all know that you are indeed a taboo of inspiration for all the bloggers and entrepreneurs round the globe. But what/who is that icon with which Neil Patel gets inspired by?

Neil  Patel:

Believe it or not my inspiration does not come from a blogger, it’s Elon Musk. I’ve followed him for over 8 years and learned many lessons. One thing I took from Elon that helped me the most is he invests in himself. When everyone thought Tesla was a lost cause and he couldn’t raise money, he put almost all of his own into it. He gave me the courage to believe and invest in myself.

At the end we would like to summarize Neil Patel’s answers in the form of quotes.


So, this is not all, but a little yet significant try to know Neil Patel both as an entrepreneur and a blogger.

Once again, we would like to drop our sincere gratitude and thanks to Neil Patel for being such generous in sparing time to acknowledge our efforts.

Thanking you

-TechnoTactics Team

We would also love to know from you – our honest and lovely readers out there. 🙂

Charmie Prajapati

I am Charmie Prajapati, co-founder of Movzio. I am an android developer, Phonegap app builder and is currently polishing my skills for the same. I am an avid reader. An entrepreneur. A consistent thinker. An optimist. An introvert. I can help you run a better blog with each day. Add me on

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35 Responses

  1. Hello Neil Patel sir,
    Hello Charmie and Mosam,

    I am feeling very blessed after reading this great interview. I am a crazy fan of Neil sir and inspired by his blog and strategies. This was not just an interview, but something more than it; which every blogger should consider to read once and he/she will also follow the boss Neil Patel. Thank you sir for your kind interview and let us know more about you.

    Thanks Mosam and Charmie for presenting this awesome interview of fabulous personality.

  2. Utsav Chokshi says:

    Hey , that’s good interview. Keep interviewing and sharing it. Love to know about this kind of personalities.

  3. Hi Guys,

    Neil’s answer about 5 SEO Tips arouse interest in me immediately. Pondering upon his answers, I come to conclude that SEO is already dead now, or the top bloggers don’t wish to reveal the secrets!

    We’re realizing the organic traffic is getting harder for smaller brands and almost impossible in competitive niches.

    Niel suggests “to get to know your readers. Find out what kind of questions they would ask, and provide them with answers.” This is obviously the tips to keep the returning visitors and technically has nothing to do with getting more organic traffic. Until and unless search results displays your post and people land to your blog through those links, you can’t do anything. So, is this a SEO tips indeed?

    His second tips “Link to other blog posts within your blog” is related to keep the visitor on your site and reduce bounce rate. This has something to do with optimizing for search engines, but still it is something that directly ranks you better in search results.

    Neil’s third tips “Get other people to link to you through guest blogging or asking for a favor” can be viewed through readers’ eyes. It will make readers happy to get worthy and fresh content for your blog. Will it improve your ranking in search engines? If so, how effective is it to rank better?

    The fourth tips, however, can be more convincing as it will help bots to get relevant keywords and help to categorize your blog correctly. “Always write about relevant content. Stick to what your blog is about.”

    The fifth tips “Use titles that will a) be something your reader would be interested in and b) get organic search traffic” is effective to get more CTR from the SERP. This can increase organic traffic but only when your post ranks and displayed in result page.

    So, through all this, I nowhere find any suggestion to rank better and improve in ranking. As we all know, without better ranking you are not getting any organic traffic. Can it be because there’s no way to rank better or the bloggers don’t want to reveal the secret of ranking?

  4. Charmie,
    Glad that you interviewed Neil. He is the best in the industry and definitely a simple guy.
    Thanks for sharing this valuable interview

  5. thanks for sharing this great interview charmie and mosam.. it provided us more valuable insights regarding google changing updates and other fundamentals of blogging. in reality i really did not focus on the SEO side of my articles because Google tend to change rules. the last time i followed an SEO technique, my rankings were compromised.i focus more valuable content instead

    the interview mentioned something about list of other blog links within a blog. i am not sure the kind of article that features different but relevant blog links. i don’t think it is called as round up post

    • Charmie says:

      Hy Marilyn,
      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us regarding the content writing. Neil patel has always followed one basic agenda and that is to deliver great content.

      Thanks for being here. 🙂

  6. I am a Big Fan of Neil Patel 🙂
    Very Nice Interview with Neil Patel 🙂 Learned Lot’s of things
    from this Interview 🙂
    Thanks For Sharing 🙂 🙂

  7. Great interview!
    Neil Patel is a great SEO expert. I’m a regular reader of his blogs.He is the best in the industry and also a simple guy.

  8. Sohail says:

    Thanks mates for conducting the awesome interview of great personality Neil Patel a great SEO expert. I’ve read his many interview and found a great information from his suggestions. This interview has gained me lot of queries and doubts solved.


  9. A great interview indeed and that too with Neil Patel, the person who i am a big fan of. It was just fantastic.
    Charmie, can you spare a few minutes so that i can have an interview of yours?

    • Charmie says:

      Hehe….Ohhh God that was great Ikshit. I am glad you loved my article. 🙂

      And moreover the idea of interviewing me …Aaahhh still a long way to go and gain that experience and share them with honest readers like you.
      Stay inspired.

  10. Hey Charmie,

    You’ve done a wonderful job, Neil is my role model. I started blogging after reading his content and his story and i’m sure many individuals like me have started after watching Neil’s success. I really liked that quotes part. Thanks for interviewing Neil.


  11. Its always great to read the interviews of great bloggers like Neil Patel and to learn from their experiences. this is a classic interview and i like the way it is presented.

    • Charmie says:

      Hy Desmond,
      Well previously we planned out a regular interview but than we realized that we must make it more attractive so that people won’t feel that monotonous length of reading and will enjoy it. 🙂

  12. Hey Charmie,

    Great interview with Patel, really insightful and inspiring and I love the breakdown Suresh shared in his comment. Truth is SEO really is dead, albeit i try always to optimize my stuffs for SE.

    Patel, you have share awesome tips and have opened my eyes to many things I didn’t know until I read this interview. No wonder Jeet Banerjee recommended you in my interview with him. 🙂

    Charmie & Gor, those are really thought provoking questions. Would have to up my interview series up by proving questions as insightful as this.

    Thanks for sharing it with us guys! 😀


  13. Charmie says:

    Hy Aditya,
    It was pleasure finding you getting inspired from this article.

    Keep visiting. 🙂

  14. Charmie says:

    Hy Anirudh,
    Glad to know that. Satisfied hearing those satisfying words from you. 🙂
    Thanks a lot.

  15. Charmie says:

    Amar, wowe I owe you people, owe you to give great content. 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable comment. 🙂

  16. Hello Charmie,

    Inspiring words from a professional! I’ve learned a lot of things from patel’s blog which are really informative and quite useful. The interview was great and had enjoyed reading it.


  17. Emmanuel says:

    The name Neil Patel is a great name in this blogosphere and I obviously thank you guys for bringing us this great guy.

    That was an interesting interview.

  18. John says:

    Good to see Mr. Neil Patel here featured. I have heard a lot about this guy in SEO world. recently I was reading a blog post on his blog quicksprout. Thanks charmie and Mosam for conducting an exclusive interview.

  19. Hey I read your articles every day and I am a great follower, but never struck in my mind that you be praised for your hard work. Here’s a token for your efficiency and the hard work you put in your articles. I just love to read it.

  20. Zubair says:

    This is the second interview of Neil Patel I ready today. He is sort of a big thing in SEO but his mantra to sucess remains simple, work smart. Thanks for the interview, inspirational indeed.

  21. Neil Patel is perhaps the biggest source of inspiration online for all. Words fall short to describe his achievements in such young age.
    Thanks for this exclusive interview.. don’t know why I missed this amazing must-read, but glad I found it even so late. I have read a lot about Neil, but the questions you prepared in this interview are far unique and different from traditional, repeated and stereo-type interviews. Enjoyed reading a lot, and learned things as usual. Thanks so much! Neil rocks and you guys too are awesome. 🙂

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  23. an attractive interview helped for newbis

  24. I’ve read a few just right stuff here. Certainly price bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how so much effort you set to create the sort of magnificent informative web site.

  25. Bormann says:

    Heya i am the first time the following. I found this specific board i believe that it is truly useful & it reduced the problem out and about a great deal. I’m hoping to offer one important thing backside along with guide other individuals as if you helped me to.

  26. Wow an amazing and inspiring interview it touched my heart!!!!

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