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DealGuru is a beginner site that been fairly recently found to offer some of the finest deals to both sellers and the buyers. Online shopping is the growing business that raised the sales of products and has astounded millions. Individuals are also cautious about the fact of strolling around the market lanes to locate their acceptable products.
DealGuru is among the illustrious and amazing sections of AskMeBazaar that assures the best bargains to be sealed by you.


What’s AskMeBazaar?

AskMeBazaar captures some of the samples of products from sellers. It displays these contents and photo- shoots on affirmation that is positive from sellers.
DealGuru makes the products accessible at prices that are achievable and discounted and sets up these bargains. The low costs of these genuine and fine products are a treat to your online shopping and help you fill your shopping bags amazingly.

Collaboration between DealGuru and AskMeBazzar

AskMeBazaar initializes the bargains by capturing the content and graphics of excess inventory of sellers. The price and advice details are subsequently made available and the buyer has to fill in the necessary details for safe delivery of products at their doorstep.
DealGuru do not compromise with their word and gets the ordered products delivered right at your doorstep within the stipulated time. The sum collects and pays the quoted sum to the sellers after deducting their negotiated commission and other costs.
Initiative by DealGuru for customer

DealGuru keeps an eye on the excess inventory and normally exhibits these things at amazing discounted prices. The products are authentic and catchy and thus captivate every visitor on AskMeBazaar’s eyes. The cost is lower than the market price and it’s graced with discounts.

Once you choose the item DealGuru keeps you updates about the delivery process and follows a strict professional strategy.
DealGuru has won the trust of many venerated brands and therefore shows more than 1000 things with a humongous group in trend products, electronics equipments and home appliances.
You can mark the inception of your marketplace here although it’s not just for buyers. Pay a minimal amount which is quoted as the trade charge and start your deals in DealGuru.

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