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JEE Main is the holy grail amongst all the engineering entrance exams conducted in the country. With the entrance exam taking a very different approach this year, aspirants have buckled up and are preparing with a lot of determination. The Joint Entrance Examination will be conducted in offline mode on April 08, 2018 while the computer-based exam will be held on April 15 and 16.

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Without, any further ado let us dig deep into a few ways by which all the hopeful JEE aspirants can prepare better. In recent times, studying online has amassed quite some reputation. It has become an easy and accessible form of studying. At the same point, while the students are busy learning and evaluating their questions, we often wonder how IIT blogs can be helpful for an entrance exam preparation.

Well, let us settle it for you. As the IIT blogs are mostly written by IIT alumni, it features their personal experiences, special tips, easier methods of studying, kind words list of important book and videos to focus on, guidance tips and things which may be relevant to a JEE aspirant. Many blogs also provide the aspirants with tricks on how to solve a question paper with scientific writing services and secure a good All India Rank (AIR) in their exams.

Let us find out which student blogs are available in the market that can help JEE aspirants study with rigor and keep up their vigour. Here is a list of the 6 best IIT student blogs for successful JEE Main 2018 preparation:

1.Shitikanth’s Blog

Written by Shitikanth Kashyap who secured an AIR-1 in JEE 2008, this comprehensive blog guides you on creating plans on how to master your JEE preparation, advice on coaching, detailed description on which books to follow and what to avoid during preparation. It also covers the best problem-solving methods and revision methods. This blog also has a spin-off in the name of Shitikanth’s blog- Recommended Books for IIT JEE Preparation. A ton of JEE aspirants also follow this blog for useful tips.

2.Aman’s Blog

IIT-Bombay Alumni, Aman Goel, AIR-33, JEE Advanced 2013 owns this blog. It is a complete guide for JEE Mains exam. The best students swear by this blog. To attain a good rank prepare your papers according to this blog. It also provides a list of important books which can be referred to while preparing for JEE Mains along with links to the solved question papers of the previous year of JEE exams. This blog contains a mini e-book “A Guide to get a top 50 rank in JEE”. Many students claim it is an interesting read.


This blog is maintained by Shubham Bhartiya, an IIT-Bombay Alumni wherein he focuses on advising the JEE aspirants on the dos and don’ts of JEE Mains preparation. The IIT-Bombay alumni currently studies in IIT and keeps sharing his regular experiences and advices the students on different topics.

4.Navin Kabra’s Blog

Navin Kabra’s blog is a suitable example of how a JEE aspirant can score well in JEE Mains without any coaching. He secured an AIR-14 rank in IIT JEE 1988. His blog covers many personal experiences and how it sets him apart in his journey to become a famous IITian blogger. In his blog, he suggests expert ways in which the students can score well without taking any coaching.

5.11 Myths JEE aspirants must know, myPat’s blog

This blog follows a very different approach towards JEE Mains preparation. It focuses on certain myths and how to burst them to prepare well for your JEE entrance exams. It focuses on the newer trends and how to implement them in your preparation time.

6.Preparation Tips for IIT JEE Aspirants at Each Level – by IIT Kanpur Student

This blog is maintained and written by Aditya Singhal, founder of askIITians. It is an online based educational portal. The blog covers different strategies on how to prepare for JEE exams. It also mentions different important books for Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry preparation. Along with this, one can also find different problem-solving practices, revision strategies and quick tips to excel the JEE Mains.

This is our pick for the best IIT student blogs. So why wait? Get cracking and empower yourself with the knowledge to prepare well for JEE Main. Give it your best shot!

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