Private IP addresses and Public IP addresses: Know the difference


We are living in the internet age. Whatever we need we have it at our footstep. We are in a completely new world with the technology surrounding us. We are enjoying it as well. We are requesting a page at one end and getting back the details from the other side in an instant. Looking at the speed at which these things are done, it seemsthat the process behind the screen is very simple. However,the fact is there are a lot of things that are been done behind the curtains. This looks like a mystery, which is very interesting to uncover. The whole communication process works on the Internet Protocol. Assignment of IP address is done to these devices. However, the IP address differs depending on the network. Let us look at the types of the address depending on the network.

Public IP addresses

A public IP address is one that is used to identify you over a wide range you of the network.These IPaddresses are providedor assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider which you can see using router ipfinder. All the devices that are connected have an IP address linked to it. All the devices that connectto the outside network have a public IP address assigned to it. Devices like the routers, modem, broadband, servers etc, have the public address assigned, and for communication, they need this address.

The public address is the identification of the all the devices that are connected to the public network. You can consider the public address as a home address. Hence, since two separate homes cannot have the same address hence two different devices cannot have the same IP address. When a user requests for data from the internet, the request is send to the ISP with the IP address attached to the request. The ISP recovers the data and tends to send it to the requested device with the IP address provided during the request. Think if all the people had the same address then the ISP will not be able to recognize the requested device.

Are public IP addresses always the same?


The answer to the question is, “NO”. The IP addresses keeps on changing interval. The reason for that is the number of IP address that available to be used publicly is limited. If all the people around the world were given a fixed address, then the half lot would not be able to access the internet. There are not that many addresses availablefor all the mass. One thing to note here is that a person does not stay connected to the internet 24×7. There are other people too who just turns the net on for few minutes and the then goes offline. Well don’t you think that if the people were to assignthe fixed IP address, then it is wasted? The person does not need it anyhow, so the address is withdrawn and is given to the other person who wants to access the internet.To provide separate addresses the ISP has to purchase new IP addresses, which is not required actually. Hence, the IP addresses keepon changing. This makes it easier for everyone to access the internet with the limited IP address.

However, there are websites that require fixed IP addresses because if the IP addresses of the site’s changesevery time then it could be found by anyone over the internet. Different time would have a different address and it would be very difficult to locate the website. Hence, these websites have static IP addresses to make sure that these servers can be easily accessed.

 Finding the IP address


IP addresses are the root to sending and receiving data over the internet. However, you do not require to know the IP address as the computer and the router does the whole process internally. However, there are certain situations when you are required to access the network from a distance, such in the case of the remote access. For this situation, you need to know the address. There are simpleways to find the address or you can find it within seconds using the router ipfinder.

Private IP addresses

This is a local IP address and is privately used. By ‘privately used’ I mean that the address is used within a network and not between different networks. When we are in a network such as a LAN or a WAN, we need to identify the devices that are located inthe network to provide communication. We want the devices inside the network to be detectable and be avoided by the networks that are located outside ofour network. The Private IP addresses are popular called local IP addresses as well become that address is locally generated and is used by the local network for the transferring purpose.

What is the need for a privateIP address?


As told earlier, the set of IP address is limited. It cannot be provided to all. A private IP address is an identifier that is used to locate the devices that are connected to the router. Like the public IP address, allthe address in the Wi-Fi network should be different for distinct identification. The private addresses are programmed in such a way, that it cannot communicate with the WAN. It is limited to the router’s network only. Hence, the house next to you can have the same private address as yours, as that address is limited to their network only.

When you request for a website from your device, the request goes with the private IP address to the router, the router savesthe private IP address and links the public address to it. It is then sent to the ISP from the process. Once the data are found,the ISP send it to the public address which comes at the router ends, the router links the private IP address and sends it to the requested device.


The world is a big place, so do not confuse yourself that is easy to access the internet. The internal stuff will not make the mind jumbled.

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