Rock Climbing Photography Tips


If you’re passionate about the grandeur of massive mountains and want some adventure in your life then take your camera, unveil the shutter and get ready for the most exciting venture of your life. It is an excellent test of your skills and nerve. In which you grip rough pockets in the rock from your fingers; you steel your nerves and focus on technique. You go as high as you can to get a bird’s eye view for extreme sense of elation.Climbing photography would surely give you a chance to seize the magnificence of the majestic mountains along with flabbergasting adventure, moreover  it will give you a chance to share those thrilling and exquisite moments with your family and friends but you must keep in mind some safety instructions for better results and to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

 Rock Climbing Tips for Photographers:

Safety measures are must to keep in mind so that you can avoid any kind of unforeseen incident that could ruin your trip. Put on all equipment’s like helmet, knee pad, elbow pad, harness’s etc. don’t throw close rocks at other people, check foothold and hand hold properly while climbing, if any equipment falls call for help or climb down, take lessons from an instructor before heading, keep yourself if you start slipping just hang to your bungee and slide down.

Photography Tips While Rock Climbing:

Seize all those magnificent moments in your camera but capturing images while rock climbing is not an easy task you must keep certain tips in your mind; Avoid underexposure, you must know your tools, Keep the camera warm, Avoid blurring by taking action shots and use a better perspective by shooting from above or from sides but avoid shooting from below like the plague, as it is very rarely good or interesting. The main reason for shooting from different angles is that you can show your focus, perspective and exposure.

Shooting from above or from the sides will allow you to show the faces of other climbers this will create a connection between the image and the observer.

Wait for good action and shoot the climber when he is doing something interesting and you must keep in mind that climbing photography is sport photography so don’t feel guilty to use that motor drive  when the action is good.

You can add a lot of drama by shooting climbers feet so don’t forget to do that. Only shoot above the gear, concentrate on details, use flash, Find some contrast, achieve motion blur, stay safe and takes lots n lots of pictures.

Enjoy your adventurous rock climbing photography experienceand the grandeur of scenic beauty while climbing but don’t forget to transmute those digital images into personalized canvas printsto immortalize those memories. Make your personal image gallery of your vacations or gift it to your family and friends as a souvenir.

About The Author:

James Anderson is an avid writer. He gives expert advices regarding rock climbing photography and safety tips and how effectively you can transform your photos into print photos to canvas UK.

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  1. great post you have here, am serious hoping one day i will climb a mountain and see how the tops looks like. thanks for is post.

    totally loved it.

  2. hi mosam. if i have no child today, i want to climb the mountains and take some photos. not for leisure but for research since i want to prove that our mt banahaw is in danger because of quarrying and i need to climb the mountain to show to the world what is actually happening in our mountain. the evidence i have is an outdated picture of Mt Banahaw in Google Maps although it showed some traces of quarrying but it is not enough

    what prevents me from doing is my child because he is only two years old. if he is seven i will do it since he can manage on his own if supervise by someone older than him

  3. aris jay says:

    I love taking photograph and doing it in rock climbing seem a far fetch opportunity for me. But, now I think I have a great idea what to do just in case with this post. Thanks for sharing this post! 😉

  4. Rana Irfan says:

    Hi Mosam Gor,
    This is a great tips for Rock Climbing Photography. One day I will climb a k-2 mountain that is situated in Pakistan(the second highest peak in Pakistan). Insha Allah.

  5. Emily says:

    I am heading to the Dolomites in Italy for about 2 weeks of climbing. Very excited!! The scenery looks amazing so I am really keen to take my camera with me, a Digital SLR Canon, but am quite worried about keeping it secure and avoiding damage. Any tips for keeping it safe and out of harms way?? Or is it actually really safest down on the ground….? Thanks!

    • ascent says:

      Spot on with this write-up, I actually think this site needs a lot more attention. I’ll probably
      be returning to read more, thanks for the info!

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