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Do you recall that friend of yours from college who literally knew everyone? If you ever had to get acquainted with anyone, you simply had to approach this friend and ask them to connect or introduce you to that person? Well, email finder tools are an equivalent of that in the online world. It also can be a great topic for a thesis about business and cutting-edge technologies.

Tools like Email Finder help you overcome the initial barrier of getting in touch with a recruiter, a sale, a purchase manager, a lead or anyone else in a company you want to do business with or simply star candidates that you might want to hire for the company by helping you find emails.



What is Email Finder?

Email finder is an email tool that can help you get the email IDs of people either from their company’s domain or the professional social network. Do you wonder how it works?

Well, the instrument searches for email addresses that are in the open resources and are not hidden by people. This may be either a company website or the professional social network where people leave their email IDs as contact information.

Another way is kind of guessing. So, there are some algorithms which predict possible person’s email address. When the email address is formed, you can check it with the help of a verifier tool and find out if the address is real one or not.



Why Email Finder?

There are tons of reasons why Email Finder might come handy to you. Some of the most valuable use cases of this tool include:

  • Reaching out to recruiters– Applying for jobs on LinkedIn may not always be the best option. There are thousands of people who apply for the same jobs via LinkedIn. If you can directly reach the inbox of a recruiter and drop in a customized cover letter, you have a greater chance of being noticed. This tool can help you to get the email ID of recruiters via their LinkedIn.
  • Making a Sales Pitch– Just like there is LinkedIn for connecting with recruiters and employees, there are corporate B2B websites that people use to connect with potential clients. But just like LinkedIn, the inboxes of companies are usually flooded on those portals. Email Finder helps in this regard by offering a ‘domain search’ feature. You can add up to 20,000 domains and get email IDs of people who have an email on that domain. For example, if you want to get in touch with the purchase manager of Dell for selling microprocessor-chips, you can simply enter the domain of Dell, and get all the possible emails.

Pricing and Plans is an extremely cost-effective and economical tool. For free, you can find and verify email addresses, send automated drip campaigns, and know all the details about it.  But if you want to experience the full potential of this tool, you can do so at the following prices:

  1. Small – 1,000 credits – $29
  2. Medium – 5,000 credits – $49
  3. Large – 25,000 credits- $79
  4. Extra Large – 50,000 credits – $139

As you can see, the price keeps getting exponentially cheaper as you purchase a bigger plan. You can use credits for searching for emails, verifications, and sending automated email campaigns.

How to use? comes in the form of a website as well as a Chrome extension. The latter is pretty handy, and automatically detects whenever you are on LinkedIn. You can simply click on any LinkedIn profile and run the extension. The tool will generate the email IDs corresponding to those LinkedIn profiles. You can use it on domains to extract email IDs on those domains. There are far more powerful capabilities too, such as scheduling marketing emailers but they are associated with other features of



All in all, can save a lot of your valuable time by assisting you in finding emails. And $29 or $49 is a very small cost to pay if you can land a sales contract or a job!

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