Step by Step Guide to Get into Medical Career

Step by Step Guide to Get into Medical Career

Doctor or medical practitioner is one of the most respectable posts in the society. Often doctors are considered next to the God for their knowledge to save people’s life. For the same reason students are encouraged to opt for a career in medical field. However to build a promising career in medical field one needs to work hard.

A student needs to start preparing for a promising career in medical field from the high school. In the high school, students are given the option to select a stream and for students who prefer career in medical field need to opt for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. It is necessary to opt for the science stream in high school to be eligible to choose medical in future career prospects. Just being good student and completing the syllabus on time does not make you a probable for medical field. To crack the medical examination AIPMT 2016 and further being a successful medical practitioner one needs to have full control on lifestyle and attitude.

From the High School

Students appear for the medical entrance exam AIPMT or the All India Pre-Medical/Pre- Dental Entrance Test for getting admission in medical colleges. After the 10th examination, it is necessary for students to opt for science to be prepared for the medical examination. Many students appear for the medical examination but only a few hundred can actually crack the examination and get into prestigious medical colleges of India. The medical entrance examination consists of subjects and topics mainly from the basics of 11th and 12th syllabus of the science stream. Therefore, building up a strong base is the first step to get into medical career.

Medical Entrance Test

The AIPMT is a necessary exam to get admission in several medical colleges for the students. So students along are required to prepare for these examinations along with their regular academics. The question paper has a different format and it is a very good strategy for preparation to solve the previous year papers. There is no much change in the format of the paper every year and it mentally prepares the student to face the real exam. Some of the important facts about the medical entrance test –

  • There are two stages of the medical entrance examination. The first stage is called the selection stage and most of the candidates are screened in this stage. The second stage is even more challenging and decides which college you as a student can enroll yourself.
  • The question paper is divided into four parts. The first three parts are Physics, Chemistry and Biology and includes topics from 11th and 12th class.

Various Departments

There are various specializations in the medical career, right from pediatrics to neurosurgery. Therefore, after you get into a medical college a student needs to select his specialization and pursue in that direction. The medical practitioner job is divided into in various categories. There are various sciences and fields like Psychiatry, Neurology, Orthopedic, Medicine, Surgery etc. Students should remember every specialization is equally important and should opt for their specialization course carefully keeping in mind their caliber.

The Higher Degree

After passing the college, you get the entitlement of an MBBS degree holder. However, many go for higher education and higher degree like MD. Mainly MBBS doctors opt for the MD course for higher salary and more knowledge related to the medical stream. Most of the MD doctors earn a lot more than the MBBS doctors.

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