Tech Tips to Help Students Study Smarter


The age of technologies we live in offers numerous advantages. We can ease our everyday existence. We also use technology to help others, educate those who need it and ourselves. As any other sphere, educational technology has made a huge step forward to a better education and future overall. If you find yourself overwhelmed by tech, you need to remember one thing. You do not have to be an engineering student to benefit from technologies. All you need to do is develop smarter strategies using technology.

Get organized

The crucial thing to do is to plan your studying process. Whenever you find yourself behind or forgetting to hand in an important paper, most of the time it happens because of bad scheduling. If you learn how to manage your time, you will be more effective than ever. You can find numerous planners to schedule your activities. We would recommend iStudiez Pro. This app is effective because it tracks not only your class schedule but also your homework and grades. Another advantage of this app is that it is available on most popular platforms.


Tool up

The most technical advice. As well a digital planner, you need other various tools to make your studying process productive. The range of apps and online resources that can ease your learning is unbelievable.

  • Google for Education – a set of well-known apps. Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, YouTube, and Play (where you can almost anything in the world: eBooks, other apps, educational games, podcasts) – they ensure your learning to be smart and effective.
  • TED-Ed – a platform, where you can find an uncountable number of video lessons efficiently explain any subject. Lessons are fund interesting. Your studying becomes too.
  • Quizlet – a platform with unbelievable tools. You can find sets of digital flashcards, audio materials, videos, and online games. One of the greatest resources to make you smarter.
  • ExpressVPN – a secure VPN proxy service available for download on almost every device imagineable.  It allows Indian students to access geo blocked content and materials anywhere in the world.
  • Online courses – There are so many online courses today it is difficult to distinguish the best. You need to try yourself and see which are helpful the most. You may think your regular study is too much for you to handle and do not see the reason for signing up for other courses. You need to think of them as of another source of information and not as something that will only steal your precious time. You can find answers to your classroom questions and understand matter from different points of view. To name a few:
  • edX
  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Udacity
  • Courses on Harvard Online Learning Portal
  • Online courses of Oxford University Department for Continuing Education

You can find a huge range of other online courses, as well as applications. Do not be afraid to look for others yourself. To be successful you need to operate with every tool at your disposal.


Get motivated and inspired.

Even when you have planned your studying, there is a high chance you will not be doing it anyway. You need to be motivated for a productive educational process. Educational technology articles can inspire you and show you the best innovative tools to use for your learning. Browse them from time to time to get your portion of enthusiasm concerning technology in education. Use various sources of information on technology for studying and try them off to find the best fitted for you.

Get help.

It is impossible to remember everything and do everything on your own. There can come a time when you have a deadline and not a single tool, tip or trick is helping. That is a normal state of things. You cannot be the brightest student in the world, despite what your mother says 😉 You can ask for professional paper writing help. The help will be timely and effective.


In order for your body and mind to be the most productive, you need to learn how to relax. Take a break. Walk, meditate, listen to some music – reset your mind. If you learn how to relax, you can learn how to study smarter.

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